If op3 flops should i buy gears 4? (pc player here)

im wondering what will be better so plz help

Context? Have you played either before? What modes do you prefer? Any interest in campaign or no?

Tough decision, when op3 flops you’ll be able to pick up either a copy of gears4 or TC Studios for the same price, which will be worth more is debatable :yum:


If you don’t have an nvidia 10 series card then definitely. Gears 4 is a great game on pc, aside from the horrible Pascal gpu issues that never got fixed.

I thought it finally got fixed about a week before Gears 5 launched?

You can get gamepass ultimate and try the game out.


If op 3 flops buy doom eternal.

I’m not sure what a flop would be. I don’t see the game getting worse. I’m sure some improvements and changes will be forthcoming.

You kind of either like Gears with all its flaws or you don’t.

you could try game pass and try both witohut paying anything further…

regarding the aspect of ACTUALLY BUYING A GAME, I would recommend DOOM ETERNAL or ORI AND THE WILL OF THE WISPS.

those two are " THE NEW BENCHMARK " in the gaming industry… without a doubt you’ll have a blast on any one of them.

sometimes the dev’s ask to much compliance and leverage onto what it has been a really disastrous game like Gears 5 , even though lots of us love Gears Games…

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Don’t buy anything TC has released. Spend the $1 and get gamepass and you’ll have 4 and 5 for $1 and 6 if they make one

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Since G5 was a complete disaster (mainly PvP), fewer and fewer people are playing it and it’s getting back to 4, or they’re starting to play it, so of course it’s still worth buying.