If not for Kait

Dude my thoughts exactly!

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I’d much rather hang out and be butt suckers with Lizzie.

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Her? Did you just assume Kait’s gender? Careful with the microaggressions brah.


Do people here even realize that maybe my question to the OP was actually seriously asking if this is a sarcastic thread that people are taking way too seriously or not?

Hmmm… :thinking:

@Aqua. Those strong female characters are all dead. Women allowed here only if we can kill them. If that doesn’t scream of misogyny then I don;t know what else would,.

But seriously… so much negative reaction to support of a female character. Speaks volumes for the average GOW fan. Such strong reaction indicates hatred of women rather then normal “who cares” replies.

This is kind of why I started this thread. To point out that a good portion of GOW fans are misogynists.

That was fine in 2006 when I was watching cartoons and didn’t know any better. I don’t watch cartoons anymore, I’m more likely to tune into CNN these days. I’m fourteen years older and more mature now. I now recognize things about GOW that when I was younger I didn’t care about.

The world in 2006 accepted female exclusion or being treated like an afterthought in games. This is 2020. TC understands. Hence Kait Diaz.

Get on board guys. Or stay stuck in your old “only real men belong in this game” Neanderthal ideas.

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My comment/question about this post being sarcastic was because a lot of people seemed to hate on Kait simply because of her being female(and “It’s no Fenix”, like Gears is only ever allowed to have that family in a central role). I do quite like her.

How many times lead male characters got replaced with female characters where the former male lead character became evil or started to act out of character to show how the female are more superior to males!? Just think of what happened with JD! :roll_eyes:
Or how many times a male lead character only has got daughters but no sons!? :roll_eyes:
Or how many times former male lead characters got killed and replaced with female characters!? Just think of what happened with JD! :roll_eyes:

That’s why I utterly hate the ■■■■ Campaign of Gears 5. :roll_eyes:

If not for kait??? Wait Are u serious? Stop jocking…
Since gears of war 4 this game is going backwards!
Kait is so useless, annoying and boring! Gears 4 and 5 look like a sad game for teenagers sorry but it’s true and we still must get gears 6 to end this nightmare… Want some female cogs? So At least give us a story with bernie mataki, Valera, sofia hendricks or Alex brand or Elena stroud?? Even mikaila dorne from tactics is badass! But why kait?? she’s pathetic a cry baby and fahz as well… Who is responsible for her???

Read my reply please no one is saying we don’t want female characters we want them and there are plenty to choose but kait is the worst character ever!
Everything since gears 4 is wrong
I hate Deebees, Oscar, reyna, jinn my god,
fahz another one pathetic and boring
swarm could be better.
Gears 4, 5 and 6 should star gears tactics characters
Tactics now that is a real Gears of war game

Not ALL of them. Sam is still alive and well. She may not have physically appeared in the campaign, but you can hear her speak through the radio from the King Raven.

“Roger that. We’re standing by out here.” First cutscene of Act 1 Chapter 1.

“Got it sweet cheeks.” Final cutscene of Act 2.

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Flag on the play.

Bait thread.

Summoning @GhostofDelta2


I laughed. Literally. Lol.

Cartoons are great at any age.

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Truth be told, the campaign isn’t so great. Even if it was good old Delta Squad again, it would still be boring. Don’t @ me.

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@GhostofDelta2 You really want to meet with my :scissors:!? :thinking:
Please close this topic ASAP! :innocent:

So im not that interested in the women power or women belong in the kitchen crap …that argument doesn’t belong in a gaming forum honestly…this isnt a moder warfare 2 lobby from back in the day …here’s what I think gears 1-3 was iconic for its machismo with its over buff characters and manly humor…Marcus has bad 90s movie 1 liners…dom lost his wife dealt with emotions …baird is a scientist who looks like he lives in the gym …and Cole is …well his what the player base felt like killing grubs …gear 4 started this whole DB thing and to quote Clayton"not the same as killing grubs" the swarm has massive potential but enemies seem to get forgotten from game to game i mean it was awesome when scions powered up the swarm …they added this sense of crisis…but they enemies are mostly DBs …gears 2 tried to fix this but those rejects were just annoying rather than interesting…charecter wise there tried to fix the models of the characters making them look like people and not wreck it Ralf…jd lives in his dads shadow much like Marcus lived under the shadow of his dads crimes…kait deals with the losing of family …del is the scientist who is there always for his friends …and fahz becomes the character we think we are …in reality the games charecters are similar but more grown up than a 90s action movie . …the problem is the enemies which just don’t feel as menacing as before creating an illusion to a childish game …i think TC did a decent job overall with gears 4-5 I just which they drifted from the DBs and brought us the Swarm in full force …that is what the players want monsters attacking not robots

Hello! Friendly CM Here!

Play. Nice.

The original post to start the topic was a reasonable opinion to share, and in line with many seen all over the forum, including insults towards Gears 4, Gears 5 and TC. The following posts that started to attack the poster have no place on this forum, and I’d advise it stops. This beautiful PSA should continue being upheld: https://forums.gearsofwar.com/t/psa-on-forum-conduct/41573

And if y’all need reminders on what is and is not appropriate here, review the guidelines.


Surely I didn’t do anything wrong by asking a harmless question initially and clarifying my standpoint in regards to the OP later on?

Yes, I know, it’s not specifically directed at anyone, I’m just asking.

Time to play Perfect Dark.

Kait is the best of the worst.
She’s the best possible consolation prize after getting zonked.
Shes a $100 + a spin after getting your third whammy in a row.
She’s matching an answer with Charles Nelson Riley’s eccentric nonsense instead of Richard Dawson and Betty White’s more logical/higher paying answers.
She’s bidding $1 and winning the blender only because everyone else over bid.
She’s an entire game of wheel of fortune spent landing on Lose a Turn and going home with the pity-grand.