If I started a Horde Class these are the topics a lot of players would fail

  1. Game awareness…too many people looking down the barrel of their guns
  2. Wave spacing…too many people kill the last guy to soon…don’t give team time to get set up
  3. Class Card setup…so many times i’m watching a tact without a shredder card on or a combat medic with no headshot stim card on etc…drives me nuts
    4.Selfish play…so many players won’t revive if there is even a 1 percent chance they might get killed as well
  4. Target prioritizing…worrying about a reject when a boomshot is looming down on the team
  5. Bad ult use…i watched a demo use his ult on a juvie yesterday…almost made me throw my controller
  6. Bad fabricator placement…i swear some people CHOOSE the worse possible place to set up on purpose…like playing down low on Tomb or behind the rocks on Pahanu
    8.Bad shooting…simply put some people can’t shoot to save their lives…or yours
  7. Ignorance…too many players get stuck on 1 class and don’t know the benifits of the others…was playing with a level 100 the other day who didn’t know that you get double damage by shooting throw anchors sheild…he never played anchor so simply didn’t know
  8. Panic mode…too many players start to panic when it gets hot…instead of focusing on what they are doing they start panicking and doing silly stuff…I watched a guy move the fab mid round one time because he wanted to make it easier to revive teammates going down…only problem was once he moved it guess where the enemy started to spawn

just my 2 pennies


Basically Gears 4 Speedruns took away most people’s Situational Awareness, Common Sense and Critical thinking.


That’s why I don’t get interested in Gears 4 :disappointed_relieved:.

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You have 20 seconds each wave to set up, so you have a lot of Energy to buy Fortifications at first? I don’t get it why people have difficulty to set up and argue for a longer time or the Random Team is Trash that makes people get wiped in Wave 1 ?

Practice makes Perfect. Nothing to argue for extra time to set up.

You don’t know what his Build is. I would agree that Build isn’t the Meta one, but why not a chance to give unless he/she isn’t at Level 18 or above?

Practice makes Perfect. No complain to Worse Base Set Up if you haven’t try this at all. Once you have succeed, I swear you won’t say like that.

I know there’re so much Things happen in Random Lobbies that makes you or Me confused and frustrated, but that’s the General Player Base you’ll see at the Time. I accept them because

Randoms makes Things Interesting and Satisfaction. You would get bored once you always stick with your Regular Good Team


Only class that needs time setting up before a wave ends is probably engineer and in my opinion that just comes with the job. You need to be quick if you’re building and want to expand the base. This is probably why people don’t wanna engi, its too much pressure.

There are guides but some are outdated or people just have different opinions. Someone needs to make a standard card guide and highlight the optionals

I used my Ults on wave 1 quite often because you get them back before you can say raggle fraggle, Demo especially since their Ult builds insanely fast when its needed.

I hate bad spots too but sometimes its a nice change of pace. I played Lift in Boom spawn the other day and was quite surprised…

Everything else I sorta agree with especially the bad shooting for like Fahz or something. I’ll be in the lobby first as a Lv20 maxed Fahz and some Lv17 joins and won’t change forcing me to change because if we both Ulti this idiot cancels mines.

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Yeah playing as the engineer requires to much effort imo

Probably the most important person in the game to slow and keep the enemy back

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I like to go a step further back, and say that the grindy nature of GOW4 (and to a slightly lesser extent, GOW5) has made some people go for the speed and easy convenience of speedruns over actually playing andimproving at the game.

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I agree mostly but these stick out
The wave spacing:
it’s nice to have them save the guy but now there’s no execution rules so it doesn’t matter really. Also as an engineer its easier to build throughout the waves when you can, especially on earlier ones.

Bad shooting:
We all gotta start somewhere. This simply comes from practice. Yet, if no one allows them to practice in normal conditions, they won’t get better. Also, we all have off days once every blue moon.

You are a hero, your medal is in the mail.
If you find sarcasm, keep it :stuck_out_tongue:

all good points. There are a lot of really bad Horde players. You should see the doozies I was playing Horde Frenzy with today. I swear they don’t look at the multipliers. I even text chatted that there was 3x damage so be careful. What happens ? They are running around all over the place. None of them in cover and they all got wiped in round 1.

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Spatial awareness, yes. The engineer can help with this respect when choosing a base site. It varies from map to map, but sometimes it’s about controlling the angles you can be approached from; and fired from. It’s also about delegating responsibility as a team - obviously there’s no point in everyone watching the same approach and neglecting other approaches.

Depends on the team. From an engineering perspective, if you have a good engineer then it’s usually rare that they need extra time to repair stuff. Engineers should use the intermission to repair stuff further away from the base, and then work their way back to base. Any fortifications in your base or just outside, can be repaired during the wave. Engineers should start further out and work their way in. It saves time and makes more efficient use of time. Equally there’s a philosophy that if an engineer is struggling to keep up with repairs within the normal alloted time, then they’ve probably built too much.

I’d also add that some classes should be prioritised for the final kill - the Infiltrator with the Reaper card for example, gets stim for every shotgun kill; execution build Nomads knock off time from their ultimate recharge and get stim if they’re running Menace and Execution Shield. Veteran’s Brutal Efficiency speeds up their ultimate; and precision kills for the Robotics Expert (with Precision Repairs) provides repairs for all fortifications. Sometimes it’s not so much time, but being mindful of the needs of team mates.

I try to keep an open mind about using different skill card builds. Sometimes it’s good to step out of the standard meta and you’ll be surprised at how effective some of them can be. I mean, some people insist that the Demolitions MUST have a Lancer GL and insist on the Custom Lancer GL card, but actually master Horde is totally doable without the GL at all. Rifle-builds for the Demolitions and Tactician can be pretty effective as well.

Sometimes the game doesn’t always highlight downed team mates. I’m not sure why it is. Other times, it’s down to lack of spatial awareness on the player’s part. Decision making around revives can be a difficult one at times. Obviously as you say, if there’s a tiny chance of them getting shot and downed then they should take it. I rarely see this happen though. What I normally see, is players who are helpful, but reckless who run out to get a dangerous revive, and end up getting gunned down as a result.

Sometimes it’s due to players not marking targets or noticing them. In a true team situation where people use mics and are in party chat, it’s easy to coordinate. With randomers, it’s a bit harder to predict. I’ve sometimes marked a dangerous enemy, only for EVERYONE to turn their attention to that enemy, only to let in a few smaller and individually less dangerous enemies as a result. It can get a bit silly really. I’d also say that part of this, is that some players struggle with their role and struggle to deal with certain dangerous enemies. For example if you have a Demolitions on your team, then the easiest and quickest way to deal with Guardians and Sentinels is to mark them and use your ultimate artillery strike, but sometimes players rush it and launch it as it is moving and miss it altogether. Some classes are more efficient with dealing with certain enemies than others.

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I know most people just enjoyed speedrunning more in Gears 4 than playing regular games. As much as I dont like then it was more fun.

I was a versus player in Gears 4 and there were new packs coming out left and right all during Gears 4 and the best way to get coins to make sure I got all the characters and skins? Speedruns.

If you play with mostly randoms……

You should be taking a horde class. Not teaching it.

What this guy wants is to completely remove public matchmaking and convince your friends to play a game called gears 5 with you, out of all the other good games that are out there they could be playing instead


In fairness Gears 5 is a good game.


This is soo funny but you’re not wrong about people doing questionable things even though most of the time it makes me laugh when they fail because of it.

I agree. PVE is in a good place. The game has its buggy moments and I’m having a hard time right now with that progression bug, but when it works the game is fun. Not perfect, but it’s kept my interest since launch. It’s also improved significantly since launch and that needs to be acknowledged. I can see why PVP is so bloody frustrating though.


Just… stop

I’m sick of hearing about meta fab placements, if people want to try something new then go ahead, much more fun than camping the same spot EVERY SINGLE GAME.

I managed to finish the Lift daily the other day, want to know where we set up? The fricking Control Room! Was definitely difficult but we managed to pull it off and I had tons of fun rather than camping the Longshot room for the 100th time.

People playing with a suboptimal build on the other hand is a different story, it’s just not fun having to carry a teammate who is dead weight, they become slightly better bots that can deposit and deal a little bit more damage but most of the time never revive anyone, even if they’re right on top of them! By all means, experiment a little, but make sure you’re actually doing something useful rather than letting 4 others do all the work because you decided a Snub/Talon card would be fun.


The word meta is annoying


It is but not as annoying as the meta itself and it’s disciples.

Thing is, they are carrying the game most of the time and feel entitled to win. I mean, how many players here would join a lobby that said score cards only, camp at spawn, no sentries ? Not many i would imagine and most of the time i’m fighting that battle alone but personally, i like it when the horde kick my ■■■■. It makes the victories sweeter.