If Gridiron was changed to respawns and winning by scoring only, would fans of Ranked Guardian play?

TC has said that modes with single elims in them dont have staying power in ranked. That is why Gridiron was removed. If gridiron was amended to allow respawns and you could only win by scoring, would you play this ranked mode? If you were a big fan of ranked Guardian, would a mode like this scratch that itch?


I like gridiron the way it is. Removing eliminations would be very good since it wouldn’t just be an Execution mode with a flag. I believe it can be something different without too much work, I like the idea a lot.

Then why make gridiron in the fist place?

It would have to be 5 stack teams then.

My first three guardian matches tonite was a complete waste of time with the other team quitting, first match on gridlock starts and i get to the shock nade spawn and the other team quit. Second match was 5 randoms and they all left one by one in the first round. Third match, the other team quit when they lost the first round.

I was in a 5 stack. Because of TCs dumb team restrictions in other modes👍

All that would happen in gridiron is one team would take the flag and hide in spawn just like ppl did in guardian.

My friends and i only played gridiron at one point then TC removed it.:+1:

I mean, if you make the flag carrier always trackable by everyone, it can keep the game fast paced.

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Put respawns in when the flag is netrual and for the defending team. Attackers don’t get respawns.

Put a significant respawn timer on.

If the attacking team has any player in offensive end zone (with or without flag) Respawns are blocked.

This should promote defending of the end zone, and prevent attackers from sitting back for the single point