If everything is unlockable,then how will TC make extra cash?(G5)

If TC makes everything unlockable how will TC make extra cash,do you really think TC gonna give you all the extras for free,it be nice but there a busniess and they need make way more then the 60 bucks a game you buy it for.I guess a high price season pass is a option,no matter what we want TC will find a way to get way more then 60 bucks out of each of us…

Idk epic did a pretty good job at it


They can do it like they did it in Gears 4.

Offer Unlocks + Credits


Directly Pay for things.

Problem solved.

Plus eSports Content will be paid only.

And finally, the did the Killer Mike and LP pack which was Paid only as they weren’t actually in Gears.

If they did another special pack like that with a crossover or “celebs” or whatever - that could be paid.

Plus a worthwhile Season Pass too.


I think your missing the point. Only the Black Steel characters cost real money up until the lambent packs(I think not 100%). Everything else were packs. People want progressions unlocks instead of RNG.

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Hi mate. Thread is moot as TC WILL NOT be making everything unlockable.

I would think off that bat, they will make less money due to game pass (although all MS so maybe it won’t matter). This is why i think we will get a “worth while” season pass.


Yea, I’ll wait this time around until I know EXACTLY what the season pass contains. I bought the ultimate edition of 4 before anything was really announced and I’ve never felt so ripped off

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Hopefully start getting news post E3.

As for the season pass, totally know where you are coming from, however I have to admit I got it to get my hands on Gears earlier. I started the campaign at 00.01 on the Friday!

This latest ploy of game companies offering early access if you buy the most expensive version is very scummy though.

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I reserved it when it was first announce before too much info was given out, And I agree, shell out an extra $40 just to play the game 3 days earlier is BS. Plus I didn’t even get to take advantage of it because I ended up being out of town for work

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Just deliver a game with a great online performance and get rid of loot boxes. Then I’ll happily open my wallet for extra directly buyable skins.


It was only 3 days early, hardly anything in the grand scheme of things and made the ultimate edition more worthwhile for those of us who simply cannot wait to play it…

Early access is pretty scummy though. I mean, the game is all ready and a launch date set, and companies just bring it forward a few days to squeeze a bit more extra money out of those willing to pay. It’s not like they’ve actually produced anything to sell to buyers. I know some will be eager and impatient to play the game ASAP but it feels like a low blow to me when companies start taking advantage of that.

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So what?

TC are there to make money, if you see value in paying for 3 extra days, then fair enough, it’s none of your business to suggest how people can spend their money.


We are talking about THREE DAYS.

Plus, you got more than just that for paying a higher price.

You weren’t getting the game 3 days early, you were getting the game on time while everyone else got the game 3 days late.


You had the chance to pay the regular price and get it on release.

You have the choice to pay extra and get it three days early.

The distinct issue isn’t over wanting to control what people as individuals choosing what they want to spend their money on. It’s the games industry turning early access into the norm. It just doesnt sit right that they are taking advantage of fan’s excitement to make more money through a two-tier release date. For me it’s the broader issue of monetising everything to pay for how bloated the industry has become over the last 10 years or so.

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Do you know about the development costs between Gears 1 and Gears 4?

It has risen massively. I remember reading one of the reasons why EPIC sold Gears to MS was for this very reason. The games were so expensive to make up front that risking a loss or it not doing so well was a massive issue, understandably. Especially when they cancelled the Gears Kinect game which would have cost money and also I doubt Judgement did well financially for them.


Yes it is.

If they put out early release options and I want to pay for it, it’s none of your business.

In fact, I welcome it because it is something I want.

Release dates are set on particular days for games so when it’s out on a Friday or whatever the early release is, it is normally unusual to see a game on that particular day. So it is normally early access in principle too.

It’s business practice.

If it sells, TC and every other developer will do it.

What do you expect?

Not to offer 3 days early because you take offence?

It’s in other businesses as well, you too often forget TC and MS want to maximise revenue and profit.

Wow, how dramatic of you to suggest this.

Taking advantage?

It’s THREE DAYS and came bundled with other extras!

I can’t believe how much you are exaggerating :joy:

Taking advantage of those poor defenceless and mindless gamers who obviously can’t make a decision by themselves and are driven mad by needing to buy the Ultimate Edition right :laughing::laughing::laughing:

The only thing monetised in Gears is the Cosmetics and even then so much of the good stuff is still attainable via credits.

You can literally buy the base game, play online and have the same experience as someone like me who’s spent over £4,000 ($5,200) in this game.

Can i post anything without triggering you. Please ignore my posts. We are obviously very different people.

I’m not going to stay silent on discussions if you post something I don’t agree with but feel free not to respond and feel free to ignore me. I’m not going to stoop that low just because someone has a different opinion.

My point still stands, you call it Scummy and that’s a massive overstatement.

Early Access came bundled with the Ultimate Edition/Season Pass anyway.

How is it scummy exactly?

It’s 3 days.

It’s not life changing or taking away from people who bought the game at a base price.

Over exaggerating or what.


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I think we’re done with this debate. We’ve had similar debates before in the past and it got nowhere. I don’t think you understood what I was getting at, and it seems you’re missing my point right now. Have a good one.