If del is in 6 I'm not buying

Worst character in any game worst character in horde and escape also. If he is in 6 I wont be buying and I am sure there will be millions like me. I’m hearing a lot of people say del is going to be the main character in 6 and how his journey will be how he lost his family and jd was his brother and marcus his new father figure. But I swear if this happens I am out and done with gears. Del needs to be gone and forgotten hell at this point surely it’s time for delta squad to die but if del is in 6 I wont play one second of that trash.


If just one character (and a support character at that!) is enough to put you off GOW then you probably have your priorities all wrong. :joy:


He is being made into the main campaign character and JD will be dead I chose to save jd. This is not my gears. He is no longer a support character he is the main campaign hero. Front cover star. It’s terrible.

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Unless something has happened in the last 30 minutes that I’m not aware of, I’m almost certain that TC haven’t confirmed who will be the lead character. So I can confidently say that you’re jumping to conclusions.


source please


#SaveJD #DelDel


This is why I hate GOW fans. Sorry to say this, but I hate you all. And it’s because of people like the OP. :wink:


Hahaha, as much as I have loved gears the last decade + I have to say I tend to agree with you.

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If del is the main charecter in six the game will fail. Honestly just don’t even put him in the game at all. That’s the simplest answer. JD is just such a better fit

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JD is clearly the way better option and it makes sense so much more. So much easier to understand why JD should be in 6

Ok then…moving on


Del sucks. It’s a fact.

But not it buying a game just because he’s in? Come on…

It’s like the character skins complains in Horde/Escape, @Bleeding_Pepper is 100% right.


I personally don’t mind Del. In GOW4 I found him more interesting than JD. In GOW5, he works as a foil for Kait but doesn’t do very much. He’s kinda just there so that Kait can talk to. JD became more interesting but through an unspoken kinda way - it was more through inferrence and players reading between the lines (i.e.: how the events of Act 1 affect and change him in the later acts). I don’t hate him, but don’t really like him either.

But then again I never really liked any of Delta Squad either. They were just a vehicle for me to travel in to experience the GOW universe. But then I’m probably just an anomaly. :smiley:

I didn’t like Marcus in the original trilogy. Dom was only interesting in 3. Baird is just the “smart guy” the story sometimes needs.

Benjamin and Cole are my only favorites from the first games.

Marcus just didn’t seem to have any personality except for “angry”. He’s just constantly angry and that’s it. I genuinely can’t tell if he’s angry because he woke up that morning, or because they’re at war with the Locust!

Dom’s main thing was that he’s looking for his wife and occasionally moans about missing his wife.

Cole came across as a bit of a caricature of a hyperactive child-like sports personality. But in GOW3 they gave him more of a human depth, which I liked.

Baird was good in GOW1 and 2, but in GOW3 he was trying too hard and was obnoxious.

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I want Baird and Sam to be the new main chars, because their banter is the best!

But yeah, Del sucks, a complete tool so glad to see him gone in my world. Not that JD is much better, but for Marcus sake he gets to stay.

Though it would be best for Lizzie to be the new main char, got more character then the main cast in 5 put together.

I disliked all the new lead characters in 4. Thought they came across as trying too hard to be amusing so they could be loved in the same way as Delta Squad were. It was never going to happen. That said, i found myself warming to them in the current campaign. Didn’t have to think too hard when i made ‘the choice’ in campaign. Let’s just say Del is definately going to be in my gears 6.
If the OP is worried, you could make ‘the choice’ and solve all your concerns…possibly.

Chances are they’ll make JD who lives in canon anyway, but I personally preferred Del in the Campaign(but they could’ve replaced him with Lizzie which could also have been interesting).

And realistically speaking, chances are about 99% Kait will continue being the lead character in the Campaign for at least Gears 6 with possibly some beginning segment which has JD.

I think reading the novels would change your perception.

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