If anyone wants to know how the gnasher is.. (2v2 gnash)

Just play 2v2 gnashers. The broken shotgun and garbage connections leading to ghost shots, random “what the hell” moments, and obnoxious random gib Ranges are in full display here.

We need to reduce the gib range. And there’s no reason why I should be playing anyone with 100 ping in this mode let alone any other mode. Really really awful experience. There’s no way anyone can take this game as being a fair match.

Reduce the gib range to reduce the amnt of gibs everywhere. There needs to be shotgun battles again. This gamemode is literally just about finding a cheap angle to catch someone off guard with. Hardly any aim required.

Also I don’t care how you do it, but UP A needs a nerf in some way. It’s so disgustingly cheap. I can pull it off quite easily, kill multiple enemies. It just doesn’t feel good. You know on their screen they shot or didn’t even see you turn the corner yet.


Yesterday I was playing on mid, the enemy was behind the pillar (where grenades appears) and I shot to the pillar, for some reason maybe just 1 pellet hit the enemy and he died, not even DBNO.

I feel bad about it. If I’m not mistaken the enemy hasn’t full health, but from the distance and the bad aim that I did he didn’t have to die, at least DBNO or get 99% damage.

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It’s crazy that the gib range isn’t a priority right now. Like I said, it’s about just getting an odd angle in, or sometimes in your case shooting and the enemy ends up being closer than what is shown, and you gib him.

Sometimes I just fire to get poke damage and boom I’ll blow him away from behind cover or a distance I shouldn’t be gibbing someone from. It doesn’t feel good to do that.

I understand that TC can’t do anything with their net code and the game’s connections with certain people playing on servers that are located far away. The only way to combat this is to lower the range at which you can gamble on a gib, you do this by lowering the gib range and require people to actually aim for damage. Then if you’re being outgunned and aimed you can be evasive juke him and try to get in real close for a gib.

Some of the quickest rounds in this game mode are when both Teams just charge in and go for the slot machine pulls trying to judge each others ranges. Lol sometimes it’s effective for catching them off guard, but it isn’t very enjoyable.

There’s too many random variables involved for it to be considered skillful. There isn’t much aim involved and there isn’t enough room for good movement unless the enemy is having a hard time with their own controls.’once you got a foothold on your sensitivity and somewhat decent aim, you’re just gambling and looking for angles and looking to UP A your opponent so you can get the first shot in for the gib.


To be fair, this is how it always kinda has been. That’s why whenever someone says “I’m master ranked in 2v2” i’m like “k bruh. Of course you are”.
Its really just a game of chicken, and not that enjoyable to me. The last 2v2 I played was with @IVIUrKxIvI4N. Now I’m mainly a Koth player, and my highest rank was Diamond 2, so rather decent at least, and IVIUrKxIvI4N is a much better player than I am. So all-in-all we were a pretty solid duo. But we went up against some players who seemed to have internet connection from the 1800s, and they butchered us so badly it was embarrassing.
Now I am not one to blame everything on ping, lag, cheating, etc…and can admit when I’ve been outplayed. But without a doubt the only reason they won (or at least beat us 7-1) was because of their connection. I haven’t played it since.

Also, a little word on the UP-A; I don’t think it needs to be nerfed anymore. They’ve already nerfed to enough. I guess I can see how it might seem OP in 2v2, but in more dynamic modes it comes off as pretty decent both to preform and defend against.

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@TC_Sera, this is the post you should be listening to.
Shot guns fights are simply a blind fire free for all now. there is no “battle” at all.
“up a” shot is way too connection-friendly. If I watch my kill cam, it seldom looks like what I saw in gameplay.

it’s pretty frustrating.
I can only imagine that a new player would turn it off.
Especially if they’re just testing gears 5 out from game pass.

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Despite Gears 5 having servers with the highest tick rate we have seen yet in Gears. Individual player latency will always be a difficult hurdle for any developer to get around. I have a hard time wrapping my head around what make Gears so different, but it’s surely a combination of being a third person shooter and the primary weapon being a shotgun.

Instances of either:

  1. Enemies being in a different position on the server than they appear on your screen
  2. Enemies being at a different point in their animation on the server than they appear on your screen

These will always be a difficult challenge to overcome in matches with large player ping disparity. Gears has become so twitch, that nano seconds count. Yes, developers can bake in tools to absorb some amounts of latency, but at the end of the day, someone will always be getting the short end.

It’s undeniable that we have all seen that one player that you just cant seem to kill, no matter what you do. You watch their playstyle,it’s nothing impressive, it’s nothing more advanced than what you’re doing. However, for whatever reason, you JUST - CAN’T – KILL — THEM! Then, one the other hand, there’s this other guy in the match that seemingly dies just from you looking at him.

The sad truth is, until the whole world gets a major ISP quality upgrade instances like this will never go away. TC can only do so much. They have made a lot of tweaks recently, and are working on a few item that have and should continue to improve the experience further. However, some of these issues are simply unavoidable in a game with a sparse player population.

If you could Guarantee that every match you play is only with people within a 200 mile (320 Km) radius…
and those people had quality high speed internet…
and they only played on wired connections…
and they had their home network setup with quality modems and routers…
and they had the XBL recommended ports open…

Then you are likely to not have any of the issues mentioned above. Until then… that’s just the state of gaming.


I think the issue with gears is it tries to be too inclusive. Install clumsy or some other package and start playing around with your network.

Gears will not kick a player until he has 30% packet loss.

Thirty percent. That’s waaaaay to high a limit.

Anyone doubting the benefit of the doubt is given to subpar internet, do the above and play with 20-25% packet loss simulated.

You’ll understand why certain players you constantly get 83/86/99 despite clean shots because that player will be you. You’ll both shoot, and about a second later the enemy you shot will explode.

You’ll understand why he’s looking nowhere near you and gibs you, becuase on his screen, you’ve just stopped moving - and that’s where he shoots.

The UP A needs a nerf bad. You can tell when someone is about to do it and before you can get a reaction shot off your dead because they get a speed boost around the corner. The UP A is like the new 2 piece everyone does it for cheap kills. It’s rather annoying.

The bullet magnetism is also really bad and put that with the gib range you have heat seeking death pellets.

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2v2s is just a bad mode, mates. There’s hardly anything to it; it’s literally solvable.

Nothing “wrong” with the Gnasher, either. It’s the best the series has seen thus far in 5, considering that each game in the series fixes more and more bugs from the previous games. You might prefer how the Gnasher behaved in previous games, but that wouldn’t mean the same Gnasher would feel just as good in the next game. Not at all. In my opinion, it could use a slight gib range lowering. It would make it so that, being the defender, you’re no longer able to gib the aggressor upon reacting to him trying to make a play on lots of popular pieces of cover on different maps.

Latency depends on lots of stuff too. Server lag, your ping to the server, your input device, quality of your internet… I know most don’t have the opportunity, but on my usual ping of below 10, the game plays buttery smooth and makes perfect sense. It’s only when I encounter someone else with terrible ping do things not seem to add up.

Up-A could use a nerf.

And I’m tired of seeing players complain about “85%!?”, “87%!?”, like it’s some kind of bug or bad game design. No dude, you literally walk forward a few more pixels and the same shot now kills them. You ■■■■■■ up and shot too early. Keep playing, and right timing will come naturally.

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Ghost shots really do exist (I think I recorded some from last nights 2v2 sessions but don’t have the time atm to look).

It’s prob just Op4 server kinks, same thing happen around the beginning of OP 3.

I agree w/ everything else to some degree except what you said about the Up A, that’s whatever.

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is this my second account

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Gnasher has a lot of problems (pellets pattern are noob friendly indicator, gib range is too big, shots after cancel are going in another dimension etc.) but my personal thing that I hate the most is UP A shots. It’s combination of animation and shotgun but I must post this as I hate this thing a lot. Not because it exists but because it’s harder to counter then it should be.
Problem is it’s possible to shoot before you are coming out of cover. You practically shoot when you are making contact with wall.

Play this video with sound and with 0,25 speed. It shouldn’t be so fast, gnasher should be able to shoot after out of cover animation IMO - https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/steeloak/video/105243787

The only Gnasher tuning that worked properly for 2v2 was released on February 11th, 2020. It was changed exactly one week later which broke the mode and has been broken ever since.

2v2 would be so much better if it was an actual 2v2 execution playlist on full maps.

I’ve watched your content, and I am a fan of your work. It’s great to see someone with a base and following coming together to talk about gears other than in the forums and in greater context as you do.

Why is it your second? Did Toby scare your first one away?

My big problem with the gnasher right now is that either the enemy player is not even aiming at me and I get gibbed or they are moving so quickly that I cannot even process what happened as I get instantly killed by a person behind cover that didn’t even look at me. In Gears of War 4 if someone is camping behind cover I could generally roll out left and punish them thanks to the fast paced movement in that game, however in Gears 5 it seems that hiding behind a wall and doing the same trick is rewarded with little counter-play besides just doing it yourself. Not to mention the removal of smoke stuns which makes camping even more favorable, flashbangs are a poor man’s substitute and just convolute a mechanic that worked fine in 4.

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There’s a lot of poor visual feedback from the perspective of the player. Everyone in the match has an entirely different perspective of what is happening, and it’s made worse the higher the ping people have. Seems to me that if one player has high ping it affects the Entire match. There’s lots of other variables involved too. You can guarantee what you’re seeing is most of the time innaccurate and you can see this when you gib someone that doesn’t even look like they were close enough.

People do wait around a corner for you. You haveto develop your own strategy to try and out angle him by bouncing to a far wall in the front or just entirely move away. Unless you want to gamble on it. But you probably know all this already. I agree with you though. It IS heavily rewarded to grab a chance to UP A someone. It’s super effective.

So gears is being gears. Cool story. It’s been like this since 06