If any IT person looks at the credits of Gears 5, you'll immediately understand why the game is how it is, and why updates cause more bugs than they fix

And where’s TC now…

This would explain why the game has so many netcode issues that either weren’t there in previous games or are just a lot worse in 5.

Just a part of join us on tc main site:


The Coalition does not directly hire temporary roles but we do use external developers to take on specific projects on behalf of The Coalition. These developers hire candidates directly to fill these temporary roles. Below are examples of the types of temporary roles that one of our external developers may need to fill during the lifetime of a project. To find out more about these and other open temporary roles please contact: canhub@microsoft.com

  • Assistant Producer, Media Services
  • Background Artist
  • Character Rigger
  • Character Outsourced Artist
  • Level Artist
  • Multiplayer Level Designer
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Support Specialist Live Operations Team

And full time list;


Follow the link and submit your resume through the Microsoft Careers site.

Probably rest of unlisted roles are also temporary workers.

I knew about it from around november 2018. But Gears of War 4 wasnt as that bad to give any predictions that 5 will never reach beta state.


Completely agree OP


IT Service Delivery Manager

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I’m not surprised, by just playing you’ll notice something is wrong, I don’t remember any other game with critical issues, they can’t even let fine a damn shotgun. Is more serious than the Batman Arkham Knight disaster on PC version.

So what you’re effectively saying is we can’t be mad at the poo product TC made, cause they didn’t make it :rofl:

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No, lol, not sayung that at all…

It’s more like “ohhh, so THAT is the reason why this is so poo” :grin:


yup man… you couldn’t said it better man. ahahahha.

THE F+++NG Force its with you dude :slight_smile:

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That’s interesting. It would be good to hear it from TC as to what went wrong and what they’re going to do in future, consumer confidence needs to be built back somehow.

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A lot of people aren’t aware, but there was a lot of outsourcing for halo 5 at least with their cosmetic and req system. (And it got wayyy over saturated with meaningless lottery customization options) I’m not sure about more technical work though, it would be interesting to see the credits for that game too

I could probably provide that if I ever bother to reinstall that game to play its Campaign again… something I wasn’t very fond of and why its disc currently is gathering dust on a shelf.

But I wouldn’t be able to make much sense of it.

I was waiting for a rep from the studio to address this thread but still nothing from them. you might be on to something OP.

as time goes on outsourcing work seeming to get more common and extreme. look at the Assassins Creed games as an example. some 1000+ plus people get their hands on those products.

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I don’t think we will get an official response on this thread.

If a TC employee dismisses what Omen is saying/speculating in part, or in whole, they will in turn be dismissed by the community as not being truthful, or putting spin on it.

I am also not sure how much of the way their structure works is permissible as a topic as a lot of their work is under NDA.


Ohh, i dont tjink there is anything for TC to comment here.

The credit list for G5 is public, it is part of the game, anyone can see it.

I just explained what some of those complanies mentioned imply, since nonIT people simply probably never heard of them (funny story, i got a call from a teksystems recruiter earlier today, about a contract job at HSBC), and offered my opinion of how that explains the bugs and deployment problems (based on my IT experience)…

There is really nothing for TC to say here… “No, the reason why we keep letting bugs slip into updates is NOT what this omen guy suggested?” :grin:

ohh, and @GhostofDelta2 , I looked at the credits for Gears of War 4 last night… Very different picture…

Yes, there are still mentions of these agencies (including 2 others I’m familiar with : Modis and Ranstad), BUT the distribution of those is different. For example, looks like almost all testing was offloaded to outsiders… but the core engineering, especially the core MULTIPLAYER engineering was inhouse. There were only 2 names with outside agency names there…

So it looks like the core GoW4 work was done in house, and the core G5 work was done outside…

We can really tell the difference, can’t we?


This game is just trash now. I might boot up g4 and see if that’s better. It sounds like it is from reports

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Maybe you should apply too work at TC and sort the game out

Seriously , Halo Infinite? I pray Halo Infinite isn’t plagued with bugs!

Was the Master Chief Collection made in a similar fashion? I remember very well the completely disastrous release of that game. Matchmaking was completely non-functional at release. It took weeks to get it functioning. How can a game that doesn’t work be released? It’s mind-boggling.

People literally took off work for the week of the release of MCC and couldn’t play it! I would have to think that all of the work that had to be done to repair it , the loss of sales, plus they gave everyone who bought MCC a free month of Xbox Live, would end up costing them more money in the long run.


Yeah, MCC was also made by multiple developers, the code literally turned into a mess and Halo: Infinite is going to be another disaster. All the signs already point to it. Having a new development lead two months before the game would have gone live should make most people think twice.
Don’t get me wrong, I like Joe Staten, but I doubt he can correct what’s already been done for multiple years and this will be another Xbox management casualty to add to the pile. It’s about time the board of directors at MS started seriously questioning Phil Spencer, because it doesn’t bode well for all the new acquisitions he’s made if this already happens to flagship franchises and this continues on.


Well, it is relative and a personal choice. I dont mind the g5 horde, how it is now,

But versus? I do gow4 coop vs bots over this, anytime. I onky go into versus for the 1 daily versus objective.

I already finished the tour.
I’m bored and just dont have fun with this game

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