Idk anymore with Gears 5

Idk how these hit percentages work now. In the kill cam this dude is taking random ■■■ shots and his camera is flying all over the place and I can see the pellets from his shotgun and 1 or 2 pellets land on me but the hit percentage says 100% for those two shots. Yet my pellets land on him but I get 63% even for a steady aim or hard aim. Also there must be a camera connection or whatever the heck you want to call it but on my screen I shoot my gnasher at point blank and the other guy shoots me and kills me but when the kill cam shows I didn’t even shoot? I have fiber optic internet and my ping is at 20-30. But others are at like 50-80. So shouldn’t my shots register first before his due to my better connection?

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Gears… State of mind m8.