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Ideas to make bootcamp actually useful

So currently I find Boot Camp or training grounds, basically worthless… thanks for teaching me how to aim and shoot… cause i did not know this from games like battlefield… this is completely trash information that any one will pick up. letting us know the chainsaw button has changed, fine… thats ok…

however i think there is much more useful information for new players to be granted… An example would be, arcade mode, if u down a player,let someone else take it so both of you earn an elimination. Steal my god damn kill please! its ok! this is a team based game. my k/d does not matter, id rather win. I dont see why you are telling us how to aim and shoot honestly. yes this is an excuse to see the new aim mechanics with recoil, reticle, etc. However i personally think teaching players the meta and mind game between players is far more important than teaching me rt fires my weapon…

Not sure how other think, but figured id ask the question… Do you think bootcamp is mostly useful, or mostly useless and if either why and possibly how can TC improve it more?


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As well as telling us what each active now does for each weapon in question. And a scenario or two to show players when it might be good to use or save it

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i just think there is far more useful things than playing with the weapons which can be done elsewhere already. jsut me. i am not saying its not a neat idea, but i dont think its that helpful personally. however i could be wrong… but i dont use the weapon range in battlefield cause it dont take me that long to get the gun after a couple of matches.

thats not really a firing range and more of a scenario replicator or whatever at that point dude. test range is literally what it sounds like… you shoot at targets standing down range or whatever…

Which I would take in heart beat.

what the situation simulator or the test range? or both? we have 3 different thigns in this conversation at this point there. work with me boy lol

All of them.

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