Ideas on how to improve horde (4.5)

Ok so I’ve been playinng horde none stop since it dropped and there is quite a few things that would be improved and or fixed

Enemy spawns
I’m not sure why but them seem to spawn on your toes out of thin air. I think they need new sqawn zones, zones that are out of the players sight too. It’s to easy to make a auto turret kill zone farm right now especially with 5 people spread out, you just see them appear from thin air and spawn kill them.
Special horde only spawn points are needed

Swarm Imago
Why do they only use peacemakers in horde ? (probably in escape too. Not really got much time in it yet to see though) It makes them not only extremely weak anyway but extremely boring too. I’ve had rounds 1-7 where it’s been Imagos, Juvies and rejects, and it was soooooooo boring because they were just basically slow moving blood and bone peacekeepers.

In the campain they use hammer bursts, lancers, retro lancers, Gnashers and of course, peacemakers. Fix their loadout as in horde they provide no threat, Just suppression fire. In the campain they can rush you with shot gun, retro charge you and even chainsaw pressure you.
All of these hazards are GONE in horde, and because they don’t hold these weapons the player will never get a chainsaw lancer playing as someone like kait or any other hero who don’t start with the lancer.
(basically only marcus gets it. No marcus. No chainsaw in horde.)
The same can be said for escape actually. I haven’t ever gotten a lancer in escape either so I guess this is a problem in escape too. Both the retro and the lancer, hell even the lancer GL are as rare as rocking horse sh#% in horde and escape.

Personal character upgrades
I have not used every character yet but i have noticed some don’t get any upgrade themself with power such as Spartan kat.
These feels like something that really should be chosen but the player. For example. Kait uses a retro and a shogun, yet can’t upgrade it only the shotgun. This should be another layer of customisation for the player, that they can change before the game, that leads me to my next point.

Transferable skills ultimates and perk upgrades after hitting max with a character
I have talked about this before, I honestly think it will bring more replyability and more reason to use evey character.

If I max level up Marcus you can Re-up him, his ultimates, passives, 4 ingame power perk upgrades and his weapons get unlocked and added to lets just say the “pool” then you start from level 1.

Every time you unlock a new card in re-up levels this time they get added to the pool also.
So if i have a level 5 kait? She can’t use the pool yet, but if i have a level 1 re-up kait I can take what ever ultimate, passive, skill card or 4 upgrade perks and weapons I want from the pool, meaning Marcus can take kaits if she was re uped also.

The more maxed out re-uped characters you have, the more cards, ultimates, passives, perks and weapons you have to mix and match with. A re-up character would be identified to other players with a gold portrait in the score board tab.

Why all this changes to levels and unlocks?

  1. More reason to use other characters
  2. A reward maxing out characters
  3. Replayability
  4. People now have a literally sandbox to experiment and truly make the ultimate deck/charcter

Character exclusive passives (none transferable)
Now I just made all them changes, after you max re up everyone characters will just be skins right? Well yeah. Thats why they need to make passives a bit more impactful.

Marcus “the lower his health is the more damage he does” (hes a tank character)
Kait “Auto marks enemies that are doing damage to her for 3 seconds” (shes a scout right ?)

Obviously not exactly these thats just a example.

My point is you can still have characters that really feel different and help in different ways without locking all of the weapons an skills behind characters.

Some ultimates are complete trash but using my new exclusive kait passive on kats ultimate making enemies shoot the hologram kaits now using activating kaits special passive, because the hologram getting shot counts as kait getting shot means another character who has more damage on marked enemies could be shredding enemies that are all marked and distracted.

These tiny little combos from mixing and matching are missing right now leading to bland progression and no game play discovery. There is simply going to be. The best JD set
The best kait set
The Marcus set
Thats it ?

None transferable=no discovery which=One way to play that works and stick with it that also=fast redundancy of player intrest.
If you can make it fun with just 8 characters the mode will be intresting for a while yes.
But doing it like i said turns 8 characters with a few builds each into 8 character with unlimited builds.

Every time a new character comes out what about the old ones ? They are still going to be the same old characters with the same old ultimates. They will get left behind over new more intresting ultimates and cards

But making them add to the re up pool when you max them out?.. You get my point every character says fun and interesting for good.

Keep the hero’s class identity. So marcus is a better tank. Kait a better scout. And only engineers still get discounts But let people deside how they train them. With what skills.
Characters still wont be able to do everything as you only have 5 card slots, 1 ultimate, 1, passive, (and not a real thing just my suggestion)-1 new character exclusive passive being untransferable but quite noticeable in gameplay.

It solves the issue of people not getting to play how they like. It also solves getting nothing really out of maxing out characters and it will also some what solve character favouritism. Now ppl can make any sort or class or build (appart from turret spam builds those cards need to stay engineer exclusive)

I still like character single picks though. For H and E but vs anything goes.
Hearing the same voice lines because 3 ppl are using the same skin gets on my nerves

Only last thing. These ultimates.
They charge crazy slow and are not going to win you rounds alone even if 5 people spam the same ult like air strike. Simple. Just add a cool down between uses. Maybe the air support has to re supply before a second strike. 1 min or so so you can’t abuse offensive ultimates back to back one shotting bosses.

Thats just a few tinny examples of how to make 4.0 future proof, make more customisable and over all more fun.

But hey thats theory. A GAM… No i’m sorry none of that

Yes I made all this up on the fly with almost no effort. Thats how easy it is to make this mode better. This won’t make the mode perfect how ever but, improve it a bit

Re-uping characters would almost be like unlocking a characters potential.
Making them alot morepowerful, or weaker depending on the players creativity

Be nice if I could finish a 1 to 50 run on horde with out getting kicked tho -_- fix that 1st

These are some Ideas, thoughts, suggestions, opinions.

Whats yours?


After playing some more I got a few more points

Power gain needs improving especially in higher difficulty.

Ammo box pick ups need a major buff
example on retro.
200 up from 50.
And ammo you carry needs to be increased.
So Kait retro for example holes
500 up from 300

You run out of ammo way to fast. And running for pilfers or boxes or just anything gets you downed

Horde needs different ballancing from the rest of the game. When it take a whole active reload buffed retro map to head pop 1 grenader you need more ammo. I find shot gunning with bleed at medium range is more effective…

Also let anyone build the most basic of defences and upgrade them to max.
(spike traps, decoys, weapon lockers)

Defence is the basic B’nB of horde keep the offensive builds to the engineer but tthe defensive builds to anyone

Don’t gotta be a nuclear scientist to build a simple spike trap…


Put it back like 4. Engineer quits no one can repair. You can kill pretty much anything with the boltock or claw. It’s not even worth playing without a squad. Straight up arcade style game mode. It feels like it, it plays like it and it looks like it.

The cards were better in 4, along with the classes and the fabricator over all. Can keep the power taps but the rest is just bad. Theres no depth, decoys are a joke. It’s an arcade style game mode. Run around and see what happens. I’ll run and gun all day in black ops with the saug, but that’s cause I have ammo from scavenge.

How do you fight a war with limited ammo? Isnt that kinda for escape? The lockers are BEYOND awful also on weapon charge. Why cut down on ammo pick up in ammo boxes if the lockers are pure garbage? They’re better decorations than utilities.

I swear theres a glitch that if you wipe all your weapon locker guns are gone. Here go fight 2 bosses with your enforcer. Wtf did I run out of quarters?

The dropshot sure ain’t what it used to be. 4 shots? You know how good it felt head shotting a pouncer or sentinel with it in 4? Of course salvo can kill everything so we’ll go through that all over again like 4.

Nerf claw, allow anyone to get a repair tool or buy a gun for when rando quits, increase scouts power deposit, buff decoys and lockers. Yah know what just put it back like 4.

Who ok’d this?


Fabricator allows anyone to buy the “repair tool” in GOW 4 horde, your just not nearly as efficient as an engineer with the right cards.

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So if you were on 49 and engineer bounced you could at least repair some stuff to complete. 5 forget it. The fortifications are a joke. Rebuild with a quarter of its health and hold on.

Lol the claw. Thats gun carried me so hard in the campain. So slow, much damage such ammo.
Wow busted