Ideas for upcoming PvE changes/updates

Hi everyone,

after todays information about drop 2, i wanna talk about mine and yours ideas for future changes for PvE.
I don’t want to talk about promos because we have other threads about these unloved childs.
Feel free to post all your ideas for the 15 main classes, here are some of mine (all lv.6).
And let’s discuss about it, so if you think one of my ideas is crap, op, inbalanced, let me know it.

-New card > every bleed kill recharges your ulti by 25s
-decrease shotgun damage on bleeding enemies from 160% to 120%
-decrease bleed damage from 110% to 80%

-New card > frag grenade card from Sarah
-increase ulti cooldown time

-New card > sniper rifles deal 40% bleeding damage
-increase critical hit card from 55% to 60%

-New card > 75% damage resistance while having stim

-Increasing gained stim from taps from 6 to 12
-Increasing Claw card from 60% to 100%

-all Boltok shots deal bleed damage not only active rounds
-New card > 32% damage resistance against melee damage

-new passive > all allies using your ulti have 30% res. against ballistics

-change health perk to 30% damage resistance against ballistics perk
-chain gun perk only works for Mulcher, NOT for Tri
-remove Tank Synergy card from the game

-increase Scorcher damage from 70% to 100%
-decrease 40% resistance while roadie running to 20%
-increase Inner Fire from 35% to 55%
=> same resistance with both cards equipped (75%)
-increase the blue health card from 60% to 80%
-burn effect always appear with Scorcher not only with active rounds

-increase Mulcher bleeding from 55% to 70%

-addition to it’s passive > the zapper jumps over to 2 nearby enemies
-change Rampage to 50% bleed with explosives, 100% with ballistics

-increase Cooperation from 30% to 60% and should work for him-/herself
-remove function of explosive spamming with Speed Loader, 60% on Lv.6

Robotics Expert:
-increase resistance nearby taps from 32% to 50%
-rework the A.I. for the DeeBee plus doubling the health of it

-increase repair speed perk from 50% to 100%

Combat Medic:
-remove the 10m requirement for helpful headshots
-change intervention to everyone can do the kill for revive
-combine the green cards to 32% damage resistance
-change the purple card to revived players get 10s immunity
-increase stim from the yellow card from 80% to 100%
-team revive can revive completely dead players

Because… why? The class is fine as is, not like any random can go out and rambo with it. It requires skill to work and there’s nothing wrong with rewarding that with high damage potential.

Not a terrible idea if you want to run a build based around Armored Shot for primary damage dealing. The Stim is too frail as it is for it to be worth considering in Horde.

Doesnt really need any more buffs nor nerfs imo.

Apparently already is 10 minutes. Does it really need to be any longer? It won’t even change that it gets spammed on boss waves because of how much damage the class does. I think it’s fine as is.

Oh, and maybe have it be not broken with only regen in cover to give no health regen and only provide stim in cover, and not just randomly stop working for a few seconds when you’re near a tap regardless of what Horde you’re playing?

Can’t speak to the rest. I don’t expect TC to be adding any further new skills to the game, however.


He doesn’t need any cards right now, imo. There’s so many ways you can play.

Why though? Doesn’t make sense. Just leave it where it is.

I love Kait and will never miss her actual playstyle but it is a bit op in my opinion.
You can kill bosses faster as JD if you use her passive.
Or they have to change the passive from 10x damage to 5x

Just because you find it op doesn’t mean that everyone else is a pro by playing as a infiltrator. And certainly doesn’t mean it should be nerfed. In fact, the amount of randoms I’ve seen not many are good enough to play as infiltrator.

But i don’t want to talk with random players here who plays the game 2 days in a week.
To make it playable for all the bleed damage should be 1000% and damage resistance with stim should be 99%.
I want to talk with experienced players.
Yesterday we had a Kait changing her Gnasher against a Boomshot.
WTF, play another game or read before playing.

I am not particularly fond of Cloak build these days after the last rebalance. That being said, I am indifferent if such a card were to be added.

Blood Resonance is strong, but I don’t see a need for a nerf.

Same as above. If anything I want the bleed range brought up slightly. The mid-range Overkill playstyle is completely defunct these days.

As for ideas, I have been curious about how a card similar to G4’s cloak would work here. Take cover and cloak as if using ultimate. I imagine many rebalances would have to be done to the class to not make it too overpowered, such as making the cloak last only a few seconds. Even the passive might take a hit if that ever happens.

Indifferent about this. Demolitions already has stronger frags than Slugger due to bleed and unintended interactions with many of its cards. I also don’t enjoy the Frag build.

If what you are trying to suggest here is making the Ultimate less frequent, I doubt this is going to do much. If anything, the Horde perk has a much bigger effect than the total cooldown time does.

Demolitions is a really buggy class. I want all those bugs fixed, and certain rebalances to happen to compensate, such as giving it back its explosives capacity.

I would not be in favor of this. The class doesn’t need more damage, and even if it did, there are better and more unique things to do than add a bleed damage source to yet another class.

Class doesn’t need it, but I don’t see it making any difference, so I’m indifferent.

Damage resistance while stimmed? I don’t see why not.

I don’t use this card, as it didn’t impress me when I used it for the first time. I would be OK with a buff.

I’m in the minority by using this card in Horde. I feel like it is good enough as it is.

Undecided about this one. I don’t see it making a huge difference. If anything, I would want the active duration on the Boltok to last a bit longer.

I guess this would help if you want to play CQC-Barrier with Retro or Gnasher. Not something I would use, though. I am not a fan of cards that provide such little damage resistance.

Indifferent. I’ll say, though, the current passive feels arbitrary. I’d rather have something like additional ammo capacity for assault rifles.

Hmm, I’d rather keep the health perk. Changing it to damage resistance that only applies to bullets sounds limiting and arbitrary.


… Why?

This might actually make me use the card. Devs have to fix it first, though.

Odd choice. I’ll say that I am not a fan of damage resistance cards that only work when many others are stacked at the same time, so for that matter, I’d rather see most of those brought up to 60% and a cap should be added to prevent 100%. Stacking should be the icing on the cake, not the only way for those cards to be useful.

Same as above.

Indifferent. I think the card is alright.

Sounds good to me.

Indifferent. It works fine as it is, but I wouldn’t complain if it was buffed.

I could see this being a card that adds one zapper “jump” per level. I would totally use this.

Rampage is so weird. Hijack damage as well as bleed calculations need to be normalized first.

I feel like this card has potential, but doesn’t accomplish much for a Gold. I would welcome a buff.

Indifferent. I don’t use this card most of the time. It also wouldn’t prevent GL spam.

Like mentioned before, I don’t like cards with low damage resistances. A buff would be nice, but I would never use this card anyway.

That thing is still too clumsy, so sure.

Sounds good to me. Or at least make it much larger. Anchor’s Harness Energy has no range limitation.

@SMARTAN_427 has an idea for this card: make it so enemies near a downed team mate take more damage. This would facilitate getting the kill needed for the revive. It also needs a fix so it revives everyone in the radius rather than just one player per kill.

Could work. One of them would become something else entirely. I have also thought of the idea of leaving them as they are but allowing the effects to apply to team mates.

Overdoing It is an odd card. I don’t know what to think of it.

This card got recently buffed. I don’t know how good it is, however, as I don’t use it.

Both Overdoing It and Get Up should proc during manual revives as well as Intervention revives.

I have always been against this. The usual comment I see people bring up is “that’s how it was in 4”. The thing is, Horde was also quite different back then, and so was Team Revive. The three-strike system for downs is not a thing anymore in 5, so it is easier to not die. Also, it is not a Fabricator purchase anymore. Lastly, it would trivialize any Hive with Ironman.

That’s all I have to say. Thanks for posting.


Keep in mind that things are gonna indirectly change for class balance in Horde due to Execution rules being replaced with Aggressive Enemies.

I don’t think that any of this is necessary. Inflitrator is a high-risk/high-reward sneaky CQC class. The damage is necessary to get the kills needed to survive in CQC and compete with other ranged classes for damage and kills. And it can already get its Ult back pretty fast because of said damage.

I get the impression that this is to nerf the aggressive build and buff the Cloak build, which I can understand the desire for. That build isn’t bad though, but I do know that players miss Overkill-sniping. For that, I think that increasing the bleed range on the reduced recoil card would allow for buffing that without overbuffing the aggressive build.

My suggestion for Inflitrator:
Overkill Stock-now increases bleed proc range.

I would rather all grenade cards move to the Slugger instead IMO. And the Ult Cooldown is already ridiculously long as is.

My suggestions instead for Demolitions:

Buff the ammo regen perk a bit to make ammo less stingy without needing lockers so much.

Also, fix the bug where Active Reloading the GL or Boomshot buffs the Ult’s damage, exaggerating the damage output.

I don’t think that Marksman needs any new cards, especially not bleeding. This class is all about skillfully landing 1 perfect headshot, and is extremely devastating when used well.

All Markman needs is for the passive to actually work, to allow it to 1-shot Grenediers through their helmets, shoot Flyers through the shield, etc.

Not going to lie, this one kinda makes sense, but IMO doesn’t actually need a new card for it. Would honestly rather just buff Nomad Armor instead (plus if your new card existed the class would be completely invincible by stacking with this). But IMO Nomad Armor is kinda fine as is, Nomad doesn’t technically need much damage resistance due to Fear causing enemies not to attack you to begin with (although they need to fix the bug where they sometimes do anyway). Plus, Execution Shield makes you invincible anyway, so Nomad Armor just adds some forgiveness on the way to pull one off.

My suggestions for Nomad:
-Add Flashbang grenades to starting Horde loadout (synergizes with executions and indirect tankiness by not getting shot).
-Markza Mastery: buffed to also increase zoom and reduce recoil, making it easier to hit headshots at long range and chain Consecutive Shot stacks.
-Markza base Active recharge time reduced. Sucks having to wait for the actives with this, or empty the mag to get a free one and lose Consecutive stacks in the process.
-Precision Resistance: buffed to general long range resistance and/or combine with Nomad Armor to extend the range. This card doesn’t prevent getting 1-shot downed by snipers anyway.
-Lifeline: Changed to allow critical kills to heal and give stim. The existing support function is kinda redundant in practice IMO, as if things are scared you generally will have time to heal, and Execution Shield already is better for doing nearly the same thing better in CQC. But healing and stimming on critical kills would also allow for better ranged sustain and better synergize with Armored Shot.
-Terror and Fearsome Aurora: buffed to also apply to Faze and Intimidation-applied Fear, not just the Ult. Because why not, for build variety.
-Enemies under Fear are initially stunned for longer and/or also are unable to sprint. Really annoying try to chain kills as they run away, and also, the bug where they all run to the helipad in Escape needs fixed.

I don’t see why not for the tap card. But not sure the Claw card needs buffed. It is pretty great as is for such an already powerful weapon.

My suggestions for Blademaster:

-Short and Mid range deflection cards combined into one card or further buffed in range coverage separately. Class needs to many cards to tank a bit, and Nomad Armor does the same thing as both cards but better. Just copy paste.
-Nimble: buffed to also extend melee lunge range and speed because why not (I always thought that the card was cool but not that great as is in practice compared to other options).
-Make it a bit less Venom dependant in Escape. Perhaps allow Bleeding outside of Venom or even a bit close to it. Would maybe mess up Horde balance due to the perk though.

Making all pistol shots bleed without actives would be nice. But I don’t think that melee resistance is necessary, especially since this is more of a ranged class.

My suggestions for Anchor:
-Lethal Barrier: buffed to also stun enemies that touch the barrier, to better make safe use of such a risky card and especially alleviate the pain of getting meleed because of it.
-Boltok Bandolier changed to Pistol Bandolier and apply to all pistols.
-Make the other two pistols purchasable from the Fabricator and obtainable in Escape somehow.

The class is supposedly a pistol class but really is only able to use the Boltok.

Nah. The stim card kinda accomplishes the same defensive purpose for teammates.

My suggestions for Veteran:
-Lancer Stock: add significantly reduced spread for laser accuracy, and fix the negative recoil when using while Ulting.
-Add increased ammo capacity to the execution immunity passive. Veteran is supposed to amplify the core classic Gears mechanics, so basic things that help enhance that makes sense IMO.

Kinda don’t don’t understand why, for any of this? Gunner is already pretty much impervious to ballistics while face-tank healing in combination with Bait Armor. Only thing to worry about are snipers, and Grenediers, both of which are fairly easy to avoid getting hit by.

No reason not to have Chaingun regen work for Tri-Shot, simply provides options, and without Execution rules the Mulcher will be able finish off downs at long range, so Tri-Shot won’t be as necessary anyway.

As for Tank Synergy? Lol.

My Gunner Suggestions:

-Passive buffed to apply to all weapons, not just heavy, for better viability in Escape.

Like where you are going with most of this.

Scorcher does need buffed (as well as fixed to work on non-Actives).

I would actually go the opposite direction with transferringthe damage resistance between cards. Not being able to use your Ult as Brawler with Inner Fire sucks, and I honestly would like to discourage that and open up more room for cards in a tank build. I would make Damage Dash while running apply 55%, and Inner Fire down to 20%. The reason is because tackle builds need the damage resistance the most, and the ranged build can much more easily and safely sit back even with just Perk Up (which I’m not opposed to buffing, but it doesn’t really need it).

It would be nice if Scorcher always applied burning, for the sake of being able to save you from having to equip Play with Fire if you aren’t planning to burn from long range. I would also make Flame Grenades apply and benefit from the Burn status and related card buffs as well.

My Brawler suggestions. There are a lot, but most is really quality of life or allow Pyro/ranged builds to better shine:

-Passive buffed to also heal and apply stim off of burn kills in addition to tackling. This is keep Torch Tackle burn from messing you up and ruining your ability to get stim in CQC, and would also allow for a bit more sustain while using Scorcher, Flame Grenades, and Play with Fire.
-fix the bug where enemies teleport if tackling them out of cover. The worst thing that can happen as Brawler.
-Damage Dash buffed from 40% to 55%.
-Inner Fire reduced from 35% to 20%.
-Soothing Warmth buffed to work with Scorcher and Flame Grenades, as well as buff the proc radius to at least 5, or whatever the Scorcher’s max range is. To better make use of the heal while tackling and rolling back, and for face-tank fun while burning down enemies.
-Burn and Recharge significantly buffed to actually be more noticeable. Got overshadowed when the universal change to class Ult recharging from damage was added for everyone.
-Burn Boost buffed to apply to any type of kill, not just on Burning enemies. Not a bad card as is, but this would make it easier to synergize with ranged builds.
-Torch Tackle buffed from 275% to 300% damage on burning enemies. This is more to help tackle Brawler keep up on the final waves of Master Horde.
-Burn status effect duration adjusted to reset everything the burn chance procs, to keep from having to babysit the fire as much.
-Scorcher card fixed to work on non-actives.
-Play with Fire and Pyromaniac buffed to work with Scorcher and Flame Grenade base damage increases.

I don’t really see the need the this, but wouldn’t be opposed to it either.

My Pilot suggestions:

-Aggressive Armor given the same treatment as Combat Medic’s Helpful Headshots: buffed significantly to provide much more stim AND to also allow it to heal. Nothing sucks more than getting hit once without stim and then not being able to use the card.
-Passive buffed to apply more Ult recharge on damage taken. I think the choice of Ult is fine, just needs to be a bit better at what it does.
-Enforcer card buffed to reduce spread, recoil, and increase range. The damage is nice, but only when things are almost in your face.
-The Hammer is awesome, but maybe a little TOO awesome, to the point of overshadowing the Ult, which is the real point of the class. Not a big deal so could be left alone.

Some cool stuff here. Zapper chaining sounds fun, but may be better balanced as part of the damage card. And yeah, the bleed stuff could maybe be buffed/fixed.

Cooperation buff, I’m not sure. Might be OP if it works for themselves, but at the same time, sucks that it currently doesn’t. I understand why the devs implemented it the way they did.

Speed loader isn’t the issue with explosive spam, the absurd Resupply rate for explosives is.

My Tactician suggestions:

-fix Disciplined to work as described/change the description. The card is a lot stronger than it would seem, and may or may not be what the devs intended.
-Nerf the speed of Explosive Resupply, both the card and the Horde Perk. Nonsensical fun but really a bit over the top, and rivals Demolitions and bit too closely.
-Buff resupply rate of blue-ammo ballistic weapons, especially the Longshot. Demolitions’ Good Kill completely overshadows the Tactician Ult for non-explosive weapons.

I’m totally down for both of these, especially the latter.

I don’t really have any suggestions other than giving it a better passive for Escape, and maybe making Precision Repairs apply to taps.

This would be nice. Repairs can be such a drag as this class. Like Robotics Expert, needs a better passive for Escape.

Removing the 10m requirement from Helpful Headshots would be amazing, and I would also do it for the passive. Agreed on combining the green 32% resist cards. So dumb that those are separate. Making the purple give immunity would overshadow the stim from the gold card a bit, IMO. Definitely 100% the gold’s stim, and reviving completely dead players would be gamechanging but also make the Ult much better.

My Combat Medic suggestions:
-Remove 10m requirement from both the passive and Helpful Headshots.
-Combine Perfect Condition and Razor’s Edge.
-Get Up, Overdoing It, and Healing Repair buffed to allow the Ult to be used ON DEMAND (without any players needing to be downed). Allowing CM to pretend to be a Kantus/Gears 4 Scion and just casually buff the team and help repair the base whenever you feel like it.
-Get Up and Overdoing It buffed to also apply to any normal revive and Intervention revive (maybe not Healing Repair, as that could potentially be exploited).
-A separate card, or buff to Intervention that gives a damage boost against enemies near downed players.

Man, this took a while.


I’m not sure such a card would even be any good; sniper rifles deal piddling base damage but have massive critical modifiers (even more so on Marksman) and IIRC bleeding is based on the base, non-headshot damage a weapon does.

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Case in point: Robotics Expert’s bleed.

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I like having to hit actives with the Boltok to cause bleed as the Anchor. It’s rewarding and this function shouldn’t be taken away.

If a card should exist for any pistol to cause bleed without a perfect reload it’s the Talon (not necessarily for the Anchor).

A big no to all three, she’s fine at the moment.
Also I saw you mentioning something about an Infiltrator swapping out the Gnasher against a Boomshot, that’s because her Passive is broken and works with any weapon until drop 2 (which will probably just change it to Longshot).

Frag card, fine.
But the increased Ulti Cooldown won’t change much. Dealing damage will get it up eventually still.

The class is devastating enough already and requires no further buffs.

It’s an Assault class, not a Tank. It would become one of the most broken classes with 75% dmg res, especially in Escape (where it already is quite broken).

Sure, still won’t use either card. Not worth it for me.

Why though? Unable to land the perfect active reload or what? It already gets another buff with drop 2.
Melee resistance card is kinda pointless imo.

Sounds good to me, would make more sense as a card though imo.

Why??? Gunner is fine where it is rn. The damage resistance will just make it more broken.

Just don’t play the tackle build in Horde but rather the ranged flaming build. It’s more effective anyways.
Can’t talk about the Scorcher cards, never used them.

Sure, why not.

I think those changes would actually be alright but in regards to extending Ultimate duration could be a bit buffed too. It can be a bit tricky to keep.

I’m fine if it works for himself too but 60% may be a bit too much…
Removal of Speed Loader feature would certainly be nice against GL spamming. I’d be good if it just prevents GL spamming. Boomshot/Dropshot spamming every couple waves I don’t mind really. Salvo “spamming” can be abit earthquakey at times.

Tbh. Homebody should instead just stack with the more taps, the more damage resistance regardless of distance. 1 tap = 12.5%, 2 taps = 25%, etc. The card itself is pretty decent already and to me it seems people underestimate its value.
DR1 should ignore executing enemies and shoot at your marked target or otherwise prioritize bigger targets.

No. I assume you’re running increased fortification health card if you’re saying that. Take that card off and either use Flow or Armor Plating. Much better and doesn’t require more speed. Although the repair cost perk is absolutely pointless on all engineer classes.

I see why you want the removal of the range restriction… it’s worse than Anchor’s Stim card atm.
Revived players getting 10s immunity will lead to quite some broken runs…
I agree with the rest.

Not gonna dislike on your opinion of the change, but you should do more Calculation that most of the above changes are too Overpowered.

Infiltrator:Unnecessary because you just need the Passive from 10x to 5x, and increase the Cooling time, that’s enough.

Demolition :OK, but you make Slugger have No position playing with it, that’s somehow a Stupid Change. Ultimate Cooling Time, but I think remove the Perk from Ult CD 50% is much more efficient than you increase the Cooling Time.

Marksman:No, it should be a Nerf like Veteran that X-Ray should no longer be able to stack with Full Time.

Nomad:Do you know how much 75% D.M it’s?It’s not make sense in Escape. Nomad now is really Balanced at all. You still need some skills to use.

Blademaster:Claw Build, so where’s the Shotgun Build?I suggest that add a card for Near Energy Taps within 10M has 32%,D.M. This is the same card on Robotic Expert.

Anchor:No, you make them too broken and no skill at all. Melee D.M is pointless when you’re long-ranged class.

Veteran:Sounds interesting, but is it too rely on D.M?

Gunner :Too rely on D.M, it will be overpowered.

  1. Chaingun perk, I would like to change to Heavy Weapon Ammo Regen Perk like the cryo cannon & Buzzkill & Salvo.

  2. Also, add a card (Purple) for Salvo to deal Bleeding Damage to at most 40%.

  3. Add another card (Purple) for Buzzkill that called “Custom Buzzkill” increase Base damage 60% & 30% for Active Reload.

Brawler:The most important thing is to increase the distance of Smoothie Warmth from 2.5M to 10M. Others are useless.

Pilot:It’s OK now, so I don’t think there’s a change here.

Jack:Rampage, man, your Mathematics shouldn’t be Bad, 100% with Ballistics is that your elite drone can deal 1300~1400 per hit, which is too Overpowered.

Tactician:Cooperation, your change break the definition of cooperation. The explosive change seems a Big Nerf in Escape, which is a disagree.

R.E:No need to change, but I would like to buff the Precision Repair from 1600 to 2500, which is much Helpful to deal with late wave.

Mechanic:No thanks, it shouldn’t be a Card that you want to bring.

C.M:Should add a card (Purple) for Teammates who have stim giving 22% of D.M within 15M. Others are…you make this a broken supportive role again.

I have better ideas for Kait.
1st possibility:
Replace Blood Resonance with Shotgun Chain > every shotgun or bleed kill raises shotgun damage for 15s by 50% stackable to 200%.

2nd possibility:
Replace Blood Resonance with maybe immunity while using cloak or collected energy is 30% more.
Than increase bleed damage from 110% to 150%.
Increase Gnasher Mastery from 30% to 60%.
And increase stim resistance from 60% to 65%

One problem is that we have a Gnasher card but no space to use it if we play a stim / bleed build
Or the stim capacity and resistance are combined as one card.
Another thing i thought about is raising stim resistance to 80% because a Peacemaker in wave 41 downs you in 1s with full stim using.
But than we have a problem with the other resistance card, was it explosive? I never used it.

Or we let Kait how she is now, i have no problem with her, i love to play her.
But it were only some brainfarts of me, how she could changed.

I’d just like a class like Lizzie/Pilot or someone to gain a Buzzsaw related skill card which wasn’t linked to the Silverback, but applies buffs based on the player actually holding it. It’s one of the only weapons which doesn’t get any buffs and is so overlooked.

Maybe a single card which increases damage done and applies bleed? There’s something quite satisfying about using this weapon amd bouncing the blades off walls.

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Yes with my Nomad idea the game would be broken.

I’m extremely curious what was said now. Is there a Buzzsaw related glitch I’m not aware of? :open_mouth:

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I dont believe we are going to get any major changes like this at all now. They said they wanted to balance the class they did that and now they have sorted Combat Medic out that is it now.

I would not expect any if at all further changes to any classes from here on out just look forward to the next Gears Game where you will have to grind all this out again.

Maps and characters till the new game.

Oh and maybe an event to last 2 weeks. :roll_eyes:

Yet Control is now permanently in Quickplay and we dont have Escape from Kadar

And also open up these events in Custom :roll_eyes: Matchmaking is so terrible for events for pve.

that may be true but the locust might actually come to horde like permanently, in the pve yt video, they sorta hinted at it but I would imagine that wouldnt be a thing until like op 7 or so.

and do you seriously want Escape from Kadar? it got boring like after the first game. Id prefer boss rush to come back, that mode is actually super fun.

Considering how crap launch of this op was. I dont think it will be that soon. Op7 is only next month now :joy: its close yet so far away.

Be good if it was but i defo wouldnt expect it to be that soon. They have got to live up to that “more content more often” cus right now i would be surprised if anyone bought that :joy:.

I wouldnt say “want” but its more the fact why do Versus get the event they had with launch and we dont get the one we had.

I think the event likely would have been better in Custom. I tbf played it a few times in the first week and that was it.
Randoms just made it …difficult :roll_eyes::unamused:

But it would diversify custom horde a bit you have horde and horde frenzy be good to have the events as another horde type as well.

Boss rush i found hilarious :joy: more like how god damn crazy it would get. On inconviencable we only got to like i think it was the first few waves with randoms them joining with low classes thinking its high xp just makes the events impossible to play :roll_eyes:.