Ideas for the Game

Hey There, my English isn’t the best, but i try to talk about my ideas with u. I love te Horde Mode and we Still play it like freaks. But whyle we played we got some ideas.

So here i try to explain

  1. We need more cards to make every player more unique. Tge character should stay his path of gameplay but there Should be a bid more to make every player a posible way to build his chars.

  2. My fav is del. I love him becouse i love tower defence Games and i rule the Game. But he still need more tower… Maybe something like a tesla tower wich makes a aoe area like the granade. The normal mg tower could get a final form… Like after lvl 4 u can buy level 5 and choose between more mg dmg, or rockets who deal more dmg then lvl 4 mg but shoot slower. A repair tower with a high range would be crazy too. Or a point tower wich generate points… So you can make a hardmode where the enemys dont drop points for building. And even if there are rounds where u don’t get a jack in team u can gain points. Sniper towers or ammo towers. U dont need to leave your weapon at the locker… Stationäre mg towers to build with a usable trishot on it and and and… There are so many ways to make the game experience more unique and more special for every team.