Ideas for PvE Classes for non PvE characters

Any ideas for classes for Dom, Anthony, Benjamin, Gary, Deebee, Sam, and Minh?

There won’t be any new classes…yet. They will use the ones in place now.

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We’ll be getting new classes but wont be tied to characters

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What I should’ve said was if they had classes now what would they be?

TC said there will be some new classes in the future


Hoping sooner future rather than later future

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Honestly, I can’t even think of any new classes man. What would make sense though? Perhaps a Heavy w/HOD? a new soldier class with explosive damage and more frags?


I would think Sam would be some kind of sniper, maybe give her sniper strike as an ult

Minh could be similar to the soldier class in 4 with a mortar drop ult

I think Dom is the hardest to come up with something since he was a Commando. Maybe have like a few COG Gears spawn that he can control (Unlike Bairds DB who just causally walks away from battles lol)


Lol yeah, I crack up everytime I hear you yelling at that darn DR-1 shooting walls and going around the enemies lol But those are good points. Sniper Strike is great. A HOD strike would be a great Ult too. Obviously more cards would make it last longer.

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Bairds Ult is good on paper. I just hate how it looks at the boss and turns away and runs.


It’s a smart DR 1 lmao

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Maybe Ben’s ultimate could be that he pulls out a Scorcher.

Anthony’s ultimate could be that if he jams his guns while reloading, every enemy that’s shooting at him will explode.

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Seeing as the scorcher wont be added maybe a Napalm drop for an ult

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Since Gary has a biker outfit maybe his ultimate could be that he rides a motorcycle and anything that he hits explodes.

Now we are getting out of hand lol


Honestly I think it got out of hand when I said that everyone explodes if Anthony fails at reloading lol

Na Garys ult should be drop pods that land and crush the enemy lol


I’d like a Grenadier class. The cards would cover all of the existing grenades so players can build their character in a number of different ways. So a few example cards:

Grenade Resupply - replenish 1 grenade every X-number of seconds (maybe adjust it for Escape so it only works in Venom)

Grenade Capacity - as standard, increases number of grenades you carry

Fragmentation - frag grenades cause bleed damage

Beacon - enemies affected by grenades are automatically marked

Marked for Death - targets marked by Grenadier take X% more ballistic damage

Shock EMP - Shock grenades shut down robotic enemies for X-number of seconds

Lightning Rod - headshot kills on enemies affected by shock grenades cause shock chain to enemies within X-number of metres

Napalm - Incendiary grenades cause burn status effect on enemies

Scorched Earth - Incendiary grenades last longer and have larger radius

Hotheaded - headshot kills on burning enemies cause them to explode in a ball of fire causing AOE fire damage

Disorientation - Flashbang grenades also reduce enemy accuracy by X% for X-number of seconds after stun effects wear off

Flak Jacket - Reduces damage from explosives

Hunker Down - enemy grenades thrown within X-metres of you do X% less damage and effects (e.g.: shocks) have shorter duration

UV Protection - flashbang effect duration is reduced by X% (level 6 gives you full immunity to flashbangs)

Flashbang Hack - flash grenade tagging robotic enemies momentarily turns them into a friendly for X-number of seconds

Heat Signatures - allows you, and team mates within X-metres to see enemies through smoke from smoke grenades and damage done to enemies in smoke increases by X%

Passive ability - ammo boxes replenish double grenades.

Also, the Grenadier class is able to carry up to two different kinds of grenades within the existing 4 weapon slots (so the Pistol slot is mandatory, but they can choose to carry two grenades and one weapon if they wanted to from the remaining 3 slots).

I’m not sure what a good ultimate ability would be.


I always imagined a pistol user who could have every pistol in each weapon slot,

He would have the boomshield and maybe could use the spin atk as his ultimate.