Ideas for new executions . Anything you'd like to see. Don't be shy!

I’d love to see a T-Bag execution. You down an opponent and walk over to him, You flip them on their back and pull out your Boltok like your’e going to shoot them. But thats’ just a fake out. Instead you stand over them and start T-Bagging. You start dunkin’ those balls like your’e dunking a biscuit in a cup of tea. Then, instead of you shooting him to finish off the execution your opponent just lays there and dies of humiliation .

Let’s go!

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No because then this is all ppl are gonna do almost every time even if the game’s not over, if the beat down executions take long, this is just adding to it & be weird over all

wow, not trying to see that in a game

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I am more interested in seeing old executions coming back.
But for new ones:
Claw: Scratch That: Rub the Claw’s teeth on the victim, ripping the body apart
Talon: Sick-L: Use the magazine to break the victim’s neck
Lancer: Amputee: Cut off both legs and arms and then hit the victim in the head.
Pistol: Arm Wrestle: Arm Wrestle the victim but win, breaking their arm, followed by a throat chop.

All I can think of as of now.

I agree it would take over the game . Probably not good.

As for the bits, I don’t want to see those either, They would be clothed for gods sake.

Dual boltok execution with some revolver ocelot flair

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Yo I can’t with this lmao I’m crying

I can just imagine Hoffman just slapping the jewels on a locust drones forehead

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“Back in your hole, butthead”


Place the breaker mace into the ground like a flag then pick up the enemy and throw them into the air with them falling and getting impaled on the breaker mace


How about this Scorcher execution: The Dragon.

You pick up a downed opponent and jam the Scorcher you know where, and fire away. Flames shoot out of his mouth like a dragon.

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One big uppercut to the jaw.

And their head flies off then the flame grenadier says toasty

A tea bag execution?

not so much Gears 5 but future games.

Team Executions (2+ players required)
Executions with the Gridiron Flag
Environmental Executions

This thread is bait to draw out the psychopaths


ooooohhhhh that opens it up a bit more.

The Gridiron Iron one could be a last team member execution where you plant the flag in their head or something lol.

As long as the head rips violently from the neck and doesn’t explode like every other execution in the game.

I’d like to see more beatdown-esque executions, maybe something with more kicks? The retro and claw need more love in terms of executions too.


:rofl: :rofl:

The good ol’ Gears of War 1 curbstomp (720s all day) and the GOW2 Golf swing.

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