Ideas for locations and themes for future Gears 5 maps from the Campaign

I think there’s a lot of great locations and themes from the campaign that would make for some great Versus and Horde maps. Obviously these locations would have to be changed and tested to fit into Versus and Horde.

I’d like to make overhead sketches of each map with weapon spawns but it’s way too much work for a thread that’s probably going to disappear into the abyss so i’m just going to suggest the locations with a short description.

Map Name - Laboratory

Location - Mount Kadar Research Laboratory

Description - Medium sized square map with short sight lines and breakable stasis tanks.

Map Name - Overgrown

Location - Ruins of Azura

Description - Large sized rectangle map with pods and ruins to provide cover.

Map Name - Outpost

Location - Vasgar Desert

Description - Small sized square map with a small open area in the centre and tight corners at the edge.

Map Name - Dusk

Location - Settlement 2

Description - Medium sized rectangle map with two lanes and shop stalls and cars for cover.

Map Name - Railway

Location - Kadar Valley Tunnels (Northern Tyrus)

Description - Medium sized rectangle map with toppled train carts for cover and control rooms on the side.

Map Name - Homefront

Location - New Ephyra

Description - Medium sized square map with two distinct lanes outside and inside.

Map Name - Lockdown

Location - Mount Kadar Research Laboratory

Description - Small sized circular map with locked doors and long hallways.

Map Name - Factory

Location - UIR Space Factory in Vasgar

Description - Medium sized rectangle map with three lanes and long sight lines.

Map Name - Airport

Location - Vasgar Airport

Description - Large sized rectangle map with close quarters inside and long sight lines outside.

Map Name - Cryo Chamber

Location - Mount Kadar Research Laboratory

Description - Medium sized square map with cryogenic liquid which can be turned off for 30 seconds.

Map Name - Village

Location - Outsider Village inside the Riftworm

Description - Medium sized rectangle map with three lanes, outside lanes would have short sight lines.

Map Name - Tunnel

Location - Underground Ruins of Azura

Description - Medium sized circular map with an open centre and tunnels around the outside.

Map Name - Crossroads

Location - Settlement 2

Description - Small sized square map with long sight lines and shops on the side for close quarter fights.

Map Name - Catacombs

Location - Underground Fort Reval

Description - Medium sized circular map with tight corners, short sight lines and coffins for cover.

Yeah i know the last one is from Gears of War 4 but i always wanted a Versus map set in the Catacombs.


Wow, a forum post that i completely agree with, such a rare sight.


Can we just please appreciate the amount of effort this guy put into doing this?
This is amazing!
Gears always had stunning sights and landscapes in the Campaign , I wish they put the same effort in doing MP Maps. This thread is :fire::fire:


Much kudos… great efforts and great ideas.

Hey @ll_R_E_D_l it isn’t remakes of remakes!!


Yeah after beating the Campaign twice on Insane I was shocked to see very little actually being utilized from it, that really cool section in Act 1 where you and your team are holding off against Swarm (the one where you are first introduced to freedom Lancer) is one of the most obvious examples of a map that pretty easily could’ve been a MP map but for whatever reason TC never did anything with it, like they spent enormous amounts of effort on the Campaign, why let it go to waste?


It is technically the rocket hangar.

The map currently named Vasgar is loosely based off of this place. Though it’s more sand(glass) than it is building.

Always thought they should’ve used this Azura setting either for an Escape tile set with environmental hazards in the form of abandoned fuel tanks or parts of decrepit buildings/pathways that can be shot off to send them tumbling into enemies… or send whatever’s standing on them down to meet their makers.

This technically was supposed to be Icebound… but it’s clearly not a very popular map. A shame because I personally like it for PvE(not speaking for Versus). It does lack some of the ‘flair’ the Riftworm village had, but that may just be because the Campaign actually lets you explore large sections of it and there’s people around.

Besides this, which isn’t really meant negatively or to take away from your post, TC stated that Campaign areas were not easy to rework into a map because they were made for a single player experience rather than to serve as an MP map and were also not optimized for MP as such.

How about just a remastered Azura… With a new destroyed look?

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Working on some map overheads based on these. Already got the cryo chamber done and one inspired by the tomb of the unknowns area in old ephyra.

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I have one for the Niles’ Kadar map already from another post. Let me repost it.


A map based on the inner workings of New Hope under Mount Kadar, inspired by @Nineteenth_Hour, featuring a river of Ice down the middle (Similar to imulsion pools in past games, but freeze-killing the player instead). A raising and lowering platform in the middle, two permanent catwalks that allow safe travel from one side to the other, but have less cover than the other three pathways.

Blue represents the raised areas, yellow being half-raised/stairs. The purple is the moving platform, orange the Sire Septic tanks for cover/decoration and the Green being the icy river/canal going through the middle.


Based on the defense mission in Speyer, Relay features a large Troika turret overlooking the grenade and Boomshot/Heavy Weapon spawn, with two Longshot towers countering said turret, and other Boltoks left to the side.

Blue is the raised sections, yellow is stairs, and purple are half-covers leading to the Troika, meant to trap the gunner and keep them on edge if a grenade is tossed into their little protected zone, if not pressured by the Longshots.

(Based on the Kadar labs and Radar dish from the end of Gear 4)


If the long area by Torque bow didnt have walls and was open like the bowl thing on reclaimed, and the spawn areas were protected more, maybe extend the area of the wall around the nade spawn on each side.

These are amazing TC should honestly look into this right now

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Some of these wouldn’t work unless is 2v2 Gnashers. Laboratories would have to be wider with more space. Too clustered in there just like the campaign. Same thing for Railway, would need to be much bigger and less obstruction. I mean then again, some of the FFA maps are tight too so.


Yeah they would all have to be changed in some way to fit Versus and Horde.

It’s the location and theme i’m more so suggesting with this post.

Laboratory would make a great 2v2 map though, with the stasis tanks in the middle.


I didn’t mean this directed at you specifically but others saying they had no idea why TC didn’t use specific Campaign areas as MP maps.

And I did kinda hint at the Campaign locations portrayed by Vasgar and Icebound really not catching what they were about very well.

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I like the settings. Dark and gloomy for sure.

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It kinda reminds me of ‘Stasis’ from Gears 2 but like it was in 1080 and now its 4k.



Fyi, this is actually Settlement 2 which is a separate site from New Ephyra. Didn’t notice this when making my first post. Just thought I’d point it out. Same goes for your “Dusk” proposal. (Yes, I know, it is kinda irrelevant but this is the kind of stuff that bugs me, when people get locations of a map wrong.)

The encounter around the construction hub area with the turret is another potential place people suggested be used as a map.

Yeah Stasis is located at the New Hope Research Facility and Laboratory would be located at the Mount Kadar Research Facility.

Both very similar in nature as Mount Kadar Research Facility is just another one of Niles laboratory’s but even more secret.

A lot of the locations I’ve pointed out are going to be similar previous maps as there’s so many that have been made.

Kind of why I dislike TC remaking so many as it takes away the possibility of a brand new map set in a similar location.

But yeah it would essentially be Stasis 2.0 in essence but it would be better designed as you wouldn’t have to copy the older maps layout and improve it for Gears 5

Yeah you’re right, I just generalised it from New Ephyra.

I’ll change it to Settlement 2.


I like you explaining me that there are 2 Niles’ labs hiding, but don’t worry, I’m up to Gears’ lore.

But just let’s go to the point :

It’s by far better designed. I’d love to see that map. I don’t mind if u can’t break the statis tanks, but It’d be awesome of getting scared by the locust / sire inside of the tank trying to break out by his own, like It happened in Gears of War 2 campaign.

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Nice ideas. I really love Azura themed map.

First Gears on pc had great custom maps made by players. Here are 2 of more than hudreds that were made and lost over time. You can still find them and play if you like.


This was nice climatic map made be guy named theron for original Gears of War PC. Map style based on Gears of War 2 Security.


Map made by a guy nicknamed Crayfish. One of best map made by a players.

And many more maps. If you want I can provide more screenshots of more maps.