Ideas for gears 6

First of all they could have a classic game mode / fenix collection which could be fan favorite maps from all of the gears series.They could then have something open world gears style .Don’t know what but maybe the community can come up with some ideas.I’m thinking open world,wingman to start.We need something big to help the community grow.Having the fenix collection would satisfy the main community,but that’s obviously not enough.we need to think outside the box ,Gears has so much potential why should it just stay in this small bubble which it has been in for years.IDEAS? POST .TC needs our help to keeps gears alive!

Last time gears started thinking outside the box gears 5 happened.


Fan favourite maps in TCs eyes is the maps we vote for the most, there not really favourite maps as the maps r mostly bad and we pick the best of a bad bunch.

I’m fine with open world as long as it’s done correctly. Now if T.C. wants to make Gears 6 open world that’s fine with me but do it right this time. There needs to be actual events during the down time you get between missions something more like the Deserts but with enemies patrolling, Villages under attack , exploration that adds onto the Lore.

The game also needs to be a return to form. Lately T.C. has been hitting the same beats as 343 has. A shoddy 1st title then an embarrassing second title. After that 343 got their stride finally sure but T.C. could just as well ■■■■ up gears 6.

My hope is that it would be a spiritual Gears 2. To make the game feel like gears its weight and intensity needs to return, put the beauty back in the destruction but don’t make it look like crap. You can have astounding set pieces and maintain the atmosphere.

The story needs to revolve around J.D. and Kait now so maybe T.C. needs to do something of a pick your own protagonist thing now. They’ve got two mainline titles under their belt with two main protagonists and almost everyone is not gonna wanna play as just Kait. So do the same character selection screen we currently have but don’t force us to play one protagonist let us pick and choose who leads and revolve the story around the character that’s chosen at the time

Multiplayer needs to be less cluttered and more catered to experienced players. Leave a tutorial explaining everything and I mean EVERYTHING to new players who want to discover how to play well and learn and keep the game from having too many playlist because it divides the playerbase.

PVE needs to be done correctly this time back to REGULAR horde with some mode variations and maybe escape but I’d rather have overrun and overrun vs AI.

Finally no more content drip feeding for ■■■■ sake make everything that you know should be day one content ACTUAL DAY ONE CONTENT so we dont get this damn mess of a game again.


Ok, this is going to be how Gears 6 goes down:

Kait wakes up in a cold sweat, realizing that the entire story of 5 was one of her stupid nightmares. She tries to go AWOL on one of her stupid self serving missions, but is caught by the COG, tried for cowardice and desertion, and executed by firing squad which consists of JD, Del, and Marcus, who happily gun her down because they only pretended to like her.

Then JD, Marcus, and Del go out and launch a full scale assault on random hives, with the help of OG Delta,Dizzy, Lizzie, Gary, (who didn’t die in 4) Clay, and the Onyx Guard. After a bloody and visually spectacular battle, Gary stands triumphant over the slain Swarm, and Lizzie and Clay finally let him sit with them at the lunch table.

The End.


God I wish

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Gears 5 is pretty much the same as any other gears just in 4K. Same weapons,same maps same characters,same game modes.That’s definitely not thinking outside the box.For me I don’t mind that because I been playing gears since 11-7-06.But as far as growing the community that doesn’t entice new players to stick around.

I don’t think gears is fit for an open world approach.

The sandbox approach which TC decided to go with for Gears 5 was OK( but not great).

Still, I personally felt that the areas in ACT-2 and ACT-3 felt a bit empty.

Metro Exodus absolutely nailed the Sandbox approach.

Also did anyone notice the similarities between those two games?
First sandbox level in metro exodus (The Volga) has a winter biome, similar to ACT-2 of gears 5.
Second sandbox level in metro exodus (The Caspian) has a desert biome, similar to ACT-3 of gears 5.

I hope that if Gears 6 is going to retain the sandbox approach, they would derive some inspiration for some minor gameplay elements from Metro Exodus. Having more interactable NPC’s in this Gears 6 would be a good start.

As long as they keep Escape/Scorpio around I’ll buy it.

I think this depends upon the success of the DLC which they will release soon. If it is met with positive reception, then maybe they would keep this in Gears 6.

Unless they decide to kill off Scorpio at the end. You never know with TC.

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Wow… I actually didn’t consider that possibility.

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