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Ideas for Gears 5

Here are some ideas that I feel could make Gears 5 more than a disappointing Gears 4.5

  1. In TDM, you should only have 5 respawns per round to decrease how often one player causes respawns to be depleted and can encourage players to be more cautious and rational if they continuously die.

  2. You should be able to prefer maps in the options menu (I ain’t tryna play no Canals or Dawn) or at least a ‘Prefer Not to Play’ option.

  3. Whenever old maps are brought back they should have different weapons, and they should have new designs. For example, on Blood Drive maybe the Boltok/Hammerburst room could be connected to the back room or maybe the train that’s over the middle of the map could fall off in the middle of the match and add new cover/ weapon positions.

  4. Maybe they could add something to where if you’ve completed Gears 2 campaign you can equip that games menu music. Same for the In-Game Announcers.

  5. Whenever you’re in Tac/Com you should be able to see if an enemy has spawn protection and how much time they have left.

  6. There should be more campaign related maps… I was so excited to play on a map where there are trolleys that take you from place to place or huge chains that add and remove cover simultaneously m, but instead we get boring maps like Harbor and Fallout which use the basic 3 lane combat method without adding anything new to the table.

  7. Can we get rid of the bs tactics such as Wrap shots and Back-A’s without supernurfing wallbouncing.

  8. Get rid of aim assist in core

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