Ideas for a Gears 6 campaign (spoilers)

Gears, for some time I have been developing some ideas for the story of the next Gears, I would like to share with you a little bit of what I have developed these times, if you notice something you like or dislike, I would like to hear your opinions, beware of spoilers!

What would Gears 6 look like?

In this version, Gears 6 will follow the end of which JD survives. Del 's death, a traumatic event for all the main characters in the Gears franchise, sets off a series of events that no one could have expected.

This conceptual story is based on the death of Del in Gears 5 to propel all of our main characters in that direction which will be discussed below.

Opening scene:

The player takes control of JD Fenix ​​in a platoon that attacks COG settlement 2 in New Ephyra. The battle is intense and totally chaotic. And above all, confused. Why is JD who has always been loyal to COG attacking them?


We found that the Outsiders movement has gained a lot of traction in the past few months due to the truth that has been revealed about COG - they are the creators of Locusts as revealed in Gears 5 and Gears Tactics by Niles Samson and Sid Redburn .

The COG began to collapse in government due to the many attacks suffered by the survivors themselves who live in the settlements and the COG was unable to control the damage of what had been revealed. An intense COG massacre begins in the settlement as the DeeBees were no longer able to just neutralize.

Kait became the leader of the Outsiders movement and joined the UIR and ended up forming a new faction in the war against the COG - " THE NEW ORDER ". Although Kait followed in her father’s footsteps at COG, she does not accept that this secret was kept hidden all these years after talking to Colonel Hoffman .

At first some wanted to use the Hammer of Dawn but because of the failed experiences that occurred in the past and until recently in Gears 5 in the death of Lizzie Carmine for example, they preferred not to use it to prevent the death of more innocents.

Outside Settlement 2, Cole , Clayton Carmine and Samantha Byrne are fighting to prevent the Swarms from arriving at the settlement with countless Megamechs while within Settlement 2 the New Order led by JD, Marcus , Kait and Fahz pressure COG soldiers to dominate New Ephyra while being guided by Baird - who controlled the DeeBees to fight alongside them.

Jace with Damien Carmine - Lizzie’s father, in settlement 2 recruiting civilians for the war and protecting Baird while he guides Marcus, JD, Kait and Fahz.

Then it is revealed why JD was the main cause of this revolt against the COG in flashbacks during the battle. After he talked to Kait, she revealed to him the truth about Locusts, and because they were already shaken by Del’s death, it all coincided to act, so they tell Marcus if he knew it and he says it it was completely confidential and anyone who knew about it the COG would kill.

It is also explained that Del wanted JD to defect from COG together with him because the COG had killed Del’s parents because they were the only ones who warned a part of the population that COG had developed Locusts, but obviously this was quickly hidden by the COG. Del at the time just told JD another story because he was also afraid that the COG would kill him for knowing that.

Returning to the intense battle from the beginning, JD, Kait, Marcus and Fahz are stuck against a COG squad after enough members of the New Order who were the Outsiders and the UIR died, and then a very large number of unknown King Ravens using weapons from Locusts - Hammerbursts, Boltoks, Boomshot arrive to help Samantha, Cole and Clayton Carmine outside and also some to the inside to help Marcus, Kait, JD and Fahz. They make the Swarms retreat outside and also kill the platoon of COG soldiers inside settlement 2 that were against Marcus, Kait, JD and Fahz and the New Order, and then land the King Ravens.

Paduk comes from one of them and Sofia Hendrik from the other.

After they managed to dominate the COG on that intense start, First Minister Jinn is not in Settlement 2 in New Ephyra despite appearing to be talking all the time over the camp city radios. Hoffman then takes the temporary post as Minister of the COG while Bernie Mataki takes his place in recruiting other soldiers to plant bombs and poison Swarms’ hives.

There is a dialogue with Sofia and Kait together with Marcus, JD and Paduk saying that she would not miss this moment for anything.

It is explained that Sofia managed to escape from the COG all this time and took with her some recruits after the end of the war against the locusts and formed bases around Sera to survive and took with them a part of the Locusts’ weapons after they were extinguished. And it was Baird who called her as a request for “support”.

It is said that the reason why Sofia disappeared all this time was because she knew that the COG had created the Locusts because she as a journalist would certainly reveal this to everyone and when she knew there would be a type of coup in the for that reason COG did not think twice about helping.

Sofia was almost a victim of Locusts during Operation Hollow Storm’s Gears of War 2 but her luck is that she managed to be rescued by a soldier called " Tai Kaliso ", he put himself in her place to save her and then she ran away . Marcus was surprised by this statement and said he knew Tai.

Sofia also said that she had to retreat from her central base as the Swarms’ attacks were unbearable but there could be no truce or ask for help from the COG because she knew the truth and said that there are many bases around that are being attacked by the Swarms - during the game we may or may not help them .

Returning to the context, everyone meets in New Ephyra. And then in a brief moment we were able to see the old Kilo Squad reunited with Baird, Cole, Paduk and Sofia.

A very loud crash begins and everyone is frightened, until a giant Kraken-like worm from the end of Gears 5 appears to completely destroy Settlement 2. All innocent civilians in the Settlement quickly enter King Ravens, Condors, Cargo Trucks and Rat Bikes to escape, as this giant worm, besides destroying everything, managed to free Swarms through spores on its long body.

The game at the beginning has action all the time without you being able to breathe for a minute.

The Swarms evolved in a monstrous way thanks to the Imulsion that had been incubating in them all this time, and with that, varied species of them and even new ones would be revealed during the journey. A part of this Swarms Imulsion began to poison humans. Some humans who are killed manage to revive with this virus from the Swarms that is spreading on the planet Sera and become a hostile species of humans. So were the Formers Lambents .

The war continues against the Swarms in Settlement 2 almost completely destroyed by the Giant Sworm until it withdraws on its own leaving numerous Swarms by Settlement 2.

We have fought hard to eliminate both the humans that have revived in hostile ways and the Swarms left by the giant worm. Unfortunately Settlement 2 is being lost and we are forced to retreat too, but before that, Baird asks Dave to collect all the information from Jinn’s room in his database and then they all flee to settlement 3.

During this escape, we are forced to leave in a Vulture and are chased by some species of Reavers Swarms . In one of the Condors is JD Fenix, Fahz, Damien Carmine, Jace, Kait, Marcus and Paduk, driving.

And in one of the King Raven is Baird, Cole, Sofia, Sam and Clayton Carmine.

Everyone leaves for Settlement 3 in a breathtaking chase scene. Each helping the other to get away.

When we arrived at settlement 3, we met Dizzy’s daughters who take care of boats to take and bring crew members and in this part we discovered something unusual. When we disembarked in a bay with crew from settlement 2, we noticed some Snatchers and Carriers coming out of the water and a new battle begins.

It is shown that when the COG together with the Delta Squad sank Jacinto under water in Gears of War 2, the Locusts who died and were thrown into the sea contaminated the amphibians and became these creatures - Snatchers, Carriers and Pouncers . That is - it needed a right cycle for the nature of the planet to play the Snatchers to Sera so they could start spreading through pods (cocoons) as this is nature’s instinct.

As we know, in Gears of War 4 it is shown that for a Swarm Drone to exist it is enough to encapsulate a human in a pod. However, now with this virus from the Swarms they are just contaminating so that humans can side with them transforming after they die.

The Swarms despite evolving with the incubated Imulsion and having reached their maximum stage they started to disagree with the Swarms that did not evolve and started a Civil War between them thus generating the Swarms Wilds.

The evolved Swarms became Queen Reyna’s main protective drones in the Swarms’ new capital on the New Nexus. And yes, one of Reyna’s generals is Del in a version of Swarm.

The game:

Bringing back all the characters and introducing new ones - Sofia, Paduk, Cole, Baird, Clayton and Damien Carmine, Jace, Teresa Wallin and Maralin Wallin . Gears 6 is packed with action from start to finish.

Playing as Marcus and Kait, both having lost one of the most important people in their lives, they take a desperate stance to wipe the war off Sera’s face forever and to discover hidden truths.

In their desperate plan, they enlist the help of veteran war friends.

They also discover that the planet Sera has always belonged to the native Locusts. There are giant worms in the core of the planet that is like the heart. They were asleep but were revived by the Swarms to cause chaos again as this is their place.

Queen Reyna is just one way that moves them, and as long as she exists, chaos will continue throughout Sera. Finally, in a desperate scene, after Marcus and JD killed Del Swarm, Kait had lost her knife during her choice at the end of Gears 5, and then Marcus gives her the Dom knife for which Kait herself kills the Queen Reyna in a scene very similar to how Marcus killed Myrrah.

The population now with the support of the New Order and Sofia’s army during the game encourages them to go after all the Swarms that are before they can breed further or that there may be some remnant that would approach the open world for the first time , with random events happening on the map - in forests, abandoned cities, caves, seas, mountains with a scenario completely dominated by pods (cocoons) of the Swarms something very typical of the last Gears.

In a post-credits scene, Baird talks to Marcus Fenix ​​and finds out in several hidden COG documents that Marcus has a daughter . This was the reason Anya died during childbirth, but his daughter was exiled for years by First Minister Jinn in a specific place and that in fact Anya’s repopulation program was rewritten by Jinn for another purpose.

Helena Fenix ​​is ​​Marcus’ daughter and is a scientist who is on an island for some reason that the COG isolated with other scientists working on something secret.

Helena is leading a research for humans to colonize another planet because she knows that the planet Sera is lost and that would be shown in Gears 7 .

Why would Kait join the UIR? Besides the UIR not existing any longer, Kait would never join any form of government willfully. It would be totally against her upbringing as an outsider. Outsiders are basically anarchists.

Also, while it´s nice that there are still people that try to talk about the story on these forums, I don´t think your plot idea would make for a good campaign. There are inconsistencies and contradictions to events that happened in Gears 5 and it also focuses way too much on the COG. Why would Marcus join a military coup against the COG, when there is the Swarm trying to genocide humanity? There is basically no focus on the Locust/Swarm, just military coups and COG-Stuff. Also, the ending with Marcus having a secret daughter that is a scientist on a secret island is just really bad c-movie stuff. Not only is it impossible for him to have a daughter, since Anya died some time after giving birth to JD - it would also come literally out of nowhere. Why would Marcus keep it secret from JD? Marcus also would never keep COG-Secrets. He doesn´t care about the COG or Jinns opinion.

Sorry, but this plot is not good.

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To add to this Settlement to was all but destroyed and most of the Outsider villages moved to New Ephyra

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