Ideal Bosses To Fight Solo in Horde

When you are playing Gears 5 Horde Frenzy on your own and are on the 8th Wave or Final Wave, which bosses do you prefer to fight?

Personally, when it comes to having to complete the wave on my own, I find facing the Matriarch and the Carrier to be the best bosses to go up against, especially if there are Lambent around because then they have another enemy to focus on. At that point, I mainly worry about Heavies–Scions in particular.

Another combination I prefer is either the Matriarch and Warden or Carrier and Warden. If Barriers are up and you are playing a Class that can slow down or gradually damage enemies either by bleeding or burning them, Wardens in particular.

Any airborne bosses, like the Kestrel and Wakaatu, or a Snatcher, forget about it. They’re way to hard in my opinion, especially if you’re the wrong class. Swarmak and Stump can be easy or hard.

Ideally something slow(er) Carrier or Brumak. :+1:

Edit, when playing solo do you have and what class. I’m always engineer with DR1 ?

Wakaatu is terrible because it can just jump out on you and insta-kill you with its spit. It’s also flying and annoying.

Kestrel can be a annoying if you can’t kill it quickly or have no cover around.

Snatcher I always found to be one of the easiest if not the easiest boss to kill since it has no powerful attacks really except when it runs after you but that’s usually simple to dodge.

A Matriarch is disgustingly annoying when you have no bleeding power or again something to kill her with quickly in any other means since she’s then only vulnerable from her back. When playing alone, that is a problem because of Regeneration.

Swarmak is fine when you have cover. Very predictable and easy to kill. It just looks scary and moves into base very aggressively.

Carrier is a joke.

Warden can be slightly annoying but freezing or burning helps if no bleeding abilities are around.

Flock is usually alright.

Stumps are a joke.

Sentinels can get tf out of here. Same for Guardians when you’re soloing.

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Anything that isn’t a Kestrel or a flock. The Kestrel, without a doubt is the absolute worst boss you could face up against when playing solo. Especially if you’re playing as a CQC class. The Flock can be just as annoying with its leeches and its ridiculously irritatingly fast health regeneration. Yes, the Wakaatu is annoying too, but at least I can completely freeze it with the cryo cannon unlike the Kestrel and Flock.

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