Idea to stop spawn killing and people staying in game without playing

Today I played and completed 50 waves of torture. My friend and I hosted a public game. Everything was fine until about wave 15. Marcus started buying sentries and placing them at spawn points. Fahz was upgrading other people’s wires to lasers and placing his sentry guns in front of other people’s guns to get the kills. And keegan? Well he just sat in the base facing the wall and deposited after every boss in order to “help”

Aw you could just kick them all. Nope!!! So we were stuck with 5 players, 3 who were crap or not even playing and didn’t have much time to play what with having kids etc.

So I started thinking. They better fix this damn kick option but what do you do about people buying sentries to suck up all the kills and take the fun out. Which is why they took turrets out of the game.

Make kills count. As far as I’m aware. Kills don’t matter to your xp or your cards. Which allows for people to be good team players and still be rewarded. So make the xp on kills 1 for 1. 200 kills each game adds up, but here is the important bit. Sentry kills don’t go to the player. They shouldn’t count at all. It’ll make players use sentries less or put them in places to protect rather than to spawn kill.

The amount of kills you have should change your odds of getting cards too. Let’s be honest we know it’s not bloody random. Cards level up evenly. Other wise people would have a lvl 6 purple and level 2. This isn’t the case.

If you’re a getting 100 kills or over you should get less greens. This will push players to attack more and not freeload.

I know there’s a bunch of other issues. But camping sentries halfway across the map to soak up kills is a waste of energy. The energy degrades so you’re collecting less. It costs to reload and fix them and the daft plank buying them is usually going down all the time too.

We know you’re polishing this “ahem” game for the new console. But why can’t we find a decent balance of base building and team play.

I’ve said before and I’ll say again. Removing the kick option has ruined this game.

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I’m sitting here reading your post bc I to have had it with people and their disrespect and haven’t been on the game once today. This needs to b fixed. It’s like the wild west! Since they took kicking away I’ve started hating the game I love bc of how people can get away with doing whatever they want treating their team how ever they pls that’s not how Gears was meant to b played

I was a big Horde 3.0 player. Like multiple hours into days for each class, I love it. Haven’t really played Horde 4.0 at all because it looks so different now and I dislike change. Are sentry still OP as GoW4 lol? I could’ve swore they’d have done something about this learning from GoW4 but I guess the horde players voices are weaker than the MP voices?

I made a case for making the fabricator customizable in terms of which items you allow in your lobby but damn I freaking love this idea just as much and it’d probably be easier to make happen. I’m so sick of sentries in matches and that would deter people from making a hundred million of them. Or just get rid of them altogether that would be equally great.