Idea to improve Horde

This is just an idea, so don’t flame me.

I think adding a block to difficulty levels on low level characters would improve matches,

Let me explain.


If somebody tries to join an Elite match with a level 3 character they should be given a warning message to change to a higher level character or they will be removed from the lobby. Give them maybe 10 seconds of time to make the switch. I f they do not, then they are removed from the lobby.

Each difficulty setting would have a level requirement stated in the menu where you are deciding which difficulty that you want to play. It’s up to you to follow the requirement.

What levels are good for what difficulty needs to be worked out, but I know I’m not the only one that’s tired of lobbies on Elite or above that are made up of myself and four other characters under level 5.

Custom matches would be an option for those lower levels that still insist on playing harder difficulties.

They would only be hurting themselves.

Horde has always been my favorite mode in GOW, and whatever people say about this version doesn’t bother me because there are always enough players around to find a match.

That said… It is frustrating to have other players take advantage of others by entering high difficulties with low levels and getting carried through the waves.

So that’s my idea to make Horde more fun.

Now tell me how stupid it is if that’s what you feel like doing. Or if you think it’s a good idea… that would be good too.

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This problem has been around since Gears of War 4 Horde, if the The Coalition did not pay any attention to that then, they are not now.
The lack of a Tutorial is the problem, teaching people how to play their Class, so they do not step on other Classes toes. Too many Engineers, badly implemented Engineer Skill Cards. These are problems.
Horde has more serious problems than just some idiot joining a game they can not play, it is also called sponging. But, there are instances where a level 1 is far better player than a level 15, there is an element of skill involved.
I would stick to the real problems of Horde, such as building the entire thing around Jack and the Forge, and how useless the Taps are. Class systems does not work, because it is poorly made.

Just one thing that makes horde better.
Communication between players using a mic !!!
If a noob listens they learn and get better.
If a vet talks and explains what works what doesn’t.
Horde really comes down to being on same page.
There is no point relying on devs to make it better, we have to do that as players

Agreed, was thinking of making such a post the other day but forgot…Main reason level 1 characters enter a high difficulty level Horde match is to get power leveled imo.

And if that is not the reason, if the player just thinks they are really good enough to tackle a high difficulty level at level 1, well those players are probably in the minority because in my experiences the level 1 characters do very little to help, and usually leave after a few waves.

So definitely I think there should be some level requirements for higher difficulties, it should not even allow you to select level 1 characters on higher difficulties on public matchmaking. Custom is fine and the host can chose to enable or disable this feature.

I think you make some good points but at the same time I’d rather have a low level player than a bot. You’re on to something that could work but still needs some adjusting to be right.

Also you can have veteran players starting up a new character that will be fine on a high difficulty. For example I haven’t even started on Sarah Connor, Kat, or Emile but if I jumped in on a higher difficulty I can still do what I need to do to get by.