IDEA: Multiple preset profiles would be appreciated

I know this idea has been floated around before, but again, why don’t we have horde/escape profiles to quickly swap to when playing?

Example: The brawler class has a bunch of ways to create different builds. Especially with the introduction of the scorcher, having a build centered around the scorcher mastery /fuel tanks/ soothing warmth cards is one build. If you’re into centering your build around your ultimate, you’d have the inner fire/torch tackle/pyro cards. Obviously it depends on who you play with and what difficulty it is, but it’d be so much easier/more convenient to just preset a build and switch on the fly depending on the match you join… so why isn’t this a thing?

Not everyone is quick enough to swap out their equipped cards before a match starts (if they join matchmaking), so why not just add a preset feature to allow us to cycle thru preset builds?

It’s not a big deal and there’s a list of other things that need attention, but I’m just curious why this isn’t a thing in a game that has all these different classes and builds within most classes.


I’d like to see this too. We won’t, but it would be nice.

I’m not sure that even TC knew initially that they were going to go crazy with the skill cards.

My guess is some of the different builds were intended to go with heroes that will now never be introduced.

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I also suggested it by submitting a request for improvement on their page.
But I think we are a minority for that.
Also, it would have been better to be able to select a default character for each new class in order to avoid always having the same one and having to change before each start of Horde or Escape.
But they are more concerned with their weapon tunings than anything else …
And that’s okay because now I only play it occasionally or almost no longer because of this and other issues they consider minor!!

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This would be well appreciated by Jack, as my builds are wildly different from 1/50 to Frenzy as well as the dailies. And if I see the game starting without an engineer, my build changes completely…and there is never enough time to switch cards

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