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Idea for Pros who don't like the movement update

Why not have 2 options in Custom games for movement? One setting for the Pre-Update configuration, and one setting for the Post-Update config. That way the “Pros” that want the pre update config can have it. Obviously whomever “Host” would choose “Movement style”. To me, that would satisfy everyone. Thoughts?


Yeah man… I thnk that would work, to have different settings for the community playstyle and one for the pro’s who are after the golden plated trophies… that would work.

I would also suggest that on the playstyle for the community could be taken the feedback already posted on here to make the gameplay, movement, and gnasher action mechanics fixed, and we could enjoy the game more man.

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I hear you and agree with all. To me, pros are playing against pros. Usually in custom games. Just let them choose the movement they want. That is why its called “custom”. It is absolutely no different than someone choosing “classic-alt” (like me) instead of “default”. Would be very easy to implement, and would seem to make everyone happy. Toodles

and on a 10 Gbps LAN network…

Somehow im lucky enough to live where I have fiber into my home. I have 300 meg/hardwired. Could have 1000 meg…just no need. Don’t come close to using the 300. So, yes…you are right…about their speeds. Obviously not about me being a pro…Unless “Bronze” is synonymous with pro. If it is, then yes, I am a pro.

Yeah, it’s not the speed, it’s the latency which kills you…

I moved from 50 Mbps fiber to 300Mbps cable and ping to the data centres went up by about 10ms each… Not a problem, but just goes to show you, the raw bandwidth isn’t the issue… it’s the end to end network connection… Playing on LAN is a different world from the WAN, even with great on-ramp speeds…

That is right…a simple ethernet cord makes milliseconds of difference. And that can make a world of difference. People kill me sometimes when they complain and complain about how poorly a video game performs, but yet are too lazy to run a 30 to 50 to 70 foot cord to optimize their ping. Anything that slows down data(I.e. a signal having to travel through the air and then be converted back into data) will affect your gameplay. OPTIMIZE YOUR SIGNAL PEOPLE. RUN A WIRE…

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Its not just that, it is the stability that is super important.


So I’ve got a funny little anecdote for both of y’all.

I used to work for an ISP as a customer service agent and I got a call from this dude claiming he wasn’t getting the speed he was paying for. Through the conversation, I found out that the man was running a speedtest through his phone from his bedroom located on the second floor of his household, while his router was located in the basement. Call lasted for around 40mins-1hr, me trying to explain to him how technology works and all, and him yelling at me and saying that he will be suing and/or contacting the BBB. In the end, I got fed up and dumped him in the technical support queue, knowing full well that the conversation will end up the same as mine.

Anyways, your conversation with @FUNKDOKTOR reminded me of that call, and I imagine some of the people crying connection issues while not even being wired are the same type of people as that guy. (Not only in Gears, but most online games)

And before anyone attacks me, no, I’m not defending TC’s game at all in regards to the connection issues. I’m fully aware that it’s trash to say the least, but I know full well that there are a lot of people who will blame everything on the game, rather than make the minimum of efforts to try and rectify the issue on their own like getting their Xbox/PC wired, or placing their router in a reasonable place in the household as opposed to the edge of their basement or something.

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I hear ya III essence. i worked for 15 years as a telecom tech. People never could understand that their speed was what it was when it left the distribution unit. Not what it was at your PC. Also, Wi-Fi has just made people lazy,when their are so many things that will impede a wi- fi signal. Thick walls, certain light bulbs, electrical ballast, emf interference, and simply distance from the router. Yet, people always put the router in the easiest location to get it turned up and forget about everything else. The people that kill me though, are the ones that refuse to wire their pc or Xbox when the router is in the same room. Yes, internet stability is the key. But what is more stable? A signal running through a dedicated twisted wire, or a signal out in the air that can be influenced by multiple issues. If you aren’t serious enough about your gaming experience to wire your device you play through, then to me you lose the right to ever complain about any online gaming experience.


When I was setting up my gaming ‘man cave’ in the basement I had to fish the ethernet cable through subflooring, through walls, up inside a wall, etc, to make sure I had a wire connection… I can’t imagine playing a versus game via wifi… I have a friend who plays Horde with us, on WiFi, gets kicked pretty much every match we play at least once, but can’t do much about it - connection is in the basement, his xbox is upstairs, no pre-wired house. tried to run ethernet over electrical wires, wasn’t much better…

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Oh, I fully get that some people have no choice but to rely on a WiFi connection to game and it sucks that a powerline adapter didn’t do the trick for your friend, but my complaint is really against people who blame the servers or studios or games or Jesus or the positioning of the planets in the solar system, fully knowing that they’re relying on a WiFi connection, particularly while their consoles/PC is located miles away from their router.

It’s in my opinion that if that is the case, you are in no position whatsoever to complain about connection issues. Period.

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We had lots of fun poking fun at players with high or wildly fluctuating in case ping, making references to McD WiFi, to family starting to watch TeleMundo, etc… Lol… yeah…

I purposely setup my network to not use an ISP router, I only chose a modem and I picked my own router, one with sufficient QoS and I setup rules to give me xbox the highest priority on the network, while every other device defaulted to normal… So even if I have people watching streams or if I’m downloading on my PCs/Laptops, the xbox is running fine.

I did a test, I started to download a 40Gb game on my wife’s PS4 while I played on my xbox - the ping I saw never increased more than 5ms above what I usually see, with no other network activity, the router did its job fine…


Anybody playing over Wi-Fi loses any right to complain about anything. I was a tech for 15 years. There is always a way to get a wire where you need it. It might be a complete ■■■■■■■■■■■■, or you just have to leave it exposed. Hell, run a 250 ft ethernet cord up the stairs if you have to.

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That’s exactly what I do. Might look stupid, but it works great.

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These “pros” are the reason escalation is ruined and why gears 5 is like it is. They wanna complain about better faster movement cause they camp with lancers

Its not about how it looks. Its about performance. I live in a ground floor apt that’s below grade. With 2 stories above me and on a slab. I’ve got 3 different rooms hardwired. Layed it across the kitchen floor and taped it down, then under doors and tacked to existing baseboards. Looks pretty shifty, but works great. And, Lancer camping is Gi-zay. Pros can complain all they want. New movement=better movement.