Idea for Operation 4/5/6.. Hear me out!

I think if the community got around this enough, this could happen one day, so hear me out as I will get right to the point. A lot of us have been with the series for a long time. Some since the original game, others joined on for GOW2 or 3 and have stayed since. What if The Coalition made these operations, or at least, some moving forward, themed to the original trilogy? This is all conjecture, of course, but I think it could satisfy what so many of you are desperately craving.

Operation 4(obviously wouldn’t happen at this point, I am sure they’re well at work on OP4 material) would be a Gears One operation. In it, we would get the other two members of the original Delta squad, Cole and Dom. ToD would have skin rewards for them, the best two would be commando/GoW3 Dom and thrashball/superstar Cole. We would also get Theron guards, and the locust grenadiers as new “enemies”.Two original GoW5 maps, and two throwbacks would be included(preferably Gridlock and Clocktower :smiley:).

Maybe somewhere down the line, they can add Carmine mid way through the Operation as well. Maybe tie the Carmine family all onto Lizzy’s character to make up for Dev time? Either way I feel Dom and Cole take priority as characters.

Operation 5 would be a Gears 2 themed op. Dizzy, Tai being the new COG heroes, and Skorge would return with Myrah(GoW3 version, putting her here for a reason). Same as before, 2 GoW2 maps would return with 2 original G5 maps. Maybe Blood Drive and Day One? Or maybe instead of Day One, All-Fathers Garden/River? Kind of hard to choose which ones I’d personally want, but I think the community would love anything from G2’s extensive map list. ToD could have challenges for alot of skins for the characters I mentioned above, like Mechanic Dizzy.

Operation 6 is obviously for GoW3. Anya and Sam would be added under one “Hero”, as well as Prescott and Hoffman. Meaning they would share abilities and be “skins.” At this point, there would hopefully had been a dedicated “Carmine” character for Anthony, Ben, and Clayton to share for abilities in horde, as they would just be skins, like Batista on Marcus is. If not their own dedicated character, they could be skins for Lizzy and just have their own unique voice lines(Not a perfect solution for this problem, but It’d be a good compromise between the community and TC). Checkout and Azura would be my choices of maps, or maybe Sandbar? Any throwbacks from 3 would be met with some hype. New enemies would be the Savage Kantus/Drone, and the Lambent Drone.

Hopefully after that, we would get Oscar, Reyna, Kim, Paduk, and others…

Either way, what do you guys think? I personally believe themed Operations bringing back some throwback maps, mixed with new maps, and the nostalgic characters would be great to see. I get work for Op4 has probably begun already, and this post is all hypothetical, but I thought it’d make for interesting conversation.


Gears 5 Pringles

I would love to unlock gears 3 characters and reskins like gears 3 marcus

I love Pringles

I’d rather not wait a year for characters that’s should already be in the game then have to pay $5 for each. Paduk is prime example. He was suppose to be launch and is in campaign…still isn’t there. No doubt would charge. $5/ “10 hours” of my life.

I was thinking the same I mean they have been releasing a bunch of baird skins might as well make his GOW 3 Variant while they are on the micro roll with it.

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He should be earnable no way im spending money and i havent earnt enough iron i only have 150 cos i spent the rest of the iron on cyclops

I totally agree but seeing this pattern it probably wont be-
I missed the Cyclops sadly one of my favorite Locust too but at least I got Bolter.