Idea for destroying cards and earning scrap

I have an idea for a scrapsystem in the game.
Many of u wants to destroy the cards and use the scrap for lv up others.
I think it’s to easy then to max out a character.
My idea with an example: you destroy cards from Lizzie for 2000 scrap, you only can use this scrap to lv up cards from Lizzie and no other characters.

What do you think about this system, is it good or crap?


The majority of my “excess” scrap is sitting on level 5 JD skills. I want to use that to level other character cards.


Yep, I agree.

Stop with level 6 skill cards (don’t need that) and let us get the scrap please.


If at least they’d actually do it instead of writing it off and putting it back towards a later date all the time like it’s not a priority. At this point I’ve played Lizzie enough to have enough duplicates for Level 6 on all her skills except Epic Score Boost which is something I basically never use. Those 39 Salvo duplicates would also be worth something if I ended up not using them.