Idea for a Rise of Raam spin-off game

Campaign: Following the events of Rise of Raam comic. 2 player co-op with one player as Raam and the other as Skorge.

Versus: 15 players, 3 teams in all modes. One COG team, one Locust team and one Lambent team.

Horde: Play as locusts surviving waves of lambent.

Beast: Play as lambent attacking heavily fortified locusts and their heroes.

“Lambency” or “Glowie” would be a fun name for the beast mode. I also don’t feel like horde should be called horde since technically you are the horde itself.


Any kind of locust campaign spin off would be welcome to me, RAAMs shadow from Gears 3 was great…

It’d be nice to have a complete locust campaign focused spin off :+1:

I for one would like to see a pendulum wars campaign spin-off too…

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