Idea: Customize swarm/locust characters for horde/escape

For the players who doesn’t like to play pvp, getting swarm/locust skins for characters that they can’t use is a waste of time (ToD or event rewards).

So, maybe for the next Gears (I would like this implemented on Gears 5, but there are more important things to add or fix than this idea), you can customize how every swarm or locust appears on your lobbies.

Or maybe TC can do some events including different skins (winter variants for icy maps and/or desert for arid/desert maps).

I doubt this could be problematic for players to differentiate some locust or swarm with a different skin, but if there are skins too similar to a COG player (imagine a skin for a swarm with a broken gear helmet as trophy), that should be banned for customize in horde/escape.

And pve players can use their gained skins (or even buying some)


For horde / escape I would like it if they just reskin enemies to CoG counterparts (Bosses would have to be entirely different entities but should just have the same function / attack style as swarm bosses, or they could just do the boss enemy system they did for that one event where they brought back lambent). Fortifications could also be reskinned , even something as minor as having leeches infesting them like the rejects & stumps.

I like playing as locust but I usually don’t get to in PvP (ranked especially) unless I’m just running FFA so it’d be nice for them to be more accessible in other modes.

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It seems like a lot of work for very little reward. Just reskin all 30+ enemy types and fortifications, record all new voice lines for every Swarm character for enemy callouts and ultimate lines, and split the Horde-playing player base in two, just so the three or so Swarm skins from the ToD and events every operation get used slightly more often? I don’t think it’s a very practical idea.


I think people are misinterpreting this. They’re not saying they want to play as the Swarm in Horde/Escape.

I believe they’re just saying they simply want to change how enemies appear in said modes through settings. Like setting the Elite Drone to its UIR skin. Or the Scion to a Krampus lol.

I’d like this in campaign too, honestly. I’d change all the Swarm to their Winter counterparts for Chapter 2, their desert skins for Vasgar, & their UIR outfits for when they’re inside the rocket base or whatever you wanna call it.


Horde is not gritty and serious anymore.

You have the ‘confetti headshot’ and ‘bobble head modifiers’ which are laughable.

Moreover with the class system in Gears 5, you have all these COG soldiers with unrealistic superhero abilities running around the map.

Gone are the days when horde used to mean just a group of soldiers trying to build a base to survive desperately against waves of enemies.

Horde mode in Gears 5 is one step closer to a comedy routine if this gets implemented. It has lost its ‘serious’ vibe.

No offense OP.

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The “RED SHIRT” bot AI needs to be fixed too. Priorities are completely backwards.

It walks right past a downed friendly, instead of reviving it. Many other issues too.

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There’s an easy fix; turn them off or stop playing solo.

So very similiar to randoms?

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If someone quits mid-wave, the bot should be decent enough to perform basic tasks.

They could make a few appropriate tweaks for bot behavior in PvP too.


I’ve thought about this too. For the snowy maps the swarm could have their winter variants and on desert maps they have desert armor. For maps like Vasgar and Fallout they could have their UIR armor.


This. Sorry if I didn’t write it clear enough. I though that writting “customize” will set the difference versus “use swarm as a playable character on horde/escape”

Also, no offense taken @SatinFlipper6


I think this idea is pretty cool.

Yeah, it’s great.


I partially blame myself for people misinterpreting your post here.
I’ve been asking for playable Swarm skins in Horde since operation 3, and some peeps have, somewhat understandably, lost their patience with me cause I just keep droning on about it. :sweat:


What do you think about this idea as an alternative? You’re the first guy I thought of when I saw this.


I’d suggest an arcade mode-esque option where you can go nuts with the abilities, mutators, skins and whatever else you can think of. Exclusive to private games only of course.
Then you can keep horde relatively the same as now minus the power pickups (why doesn’t it just go right to the fab or players?) and ultimate abilities. Even if the ults were replaced by “Armor/Jack Abilities” (the Jack upgrades from campaign could be incorporated into COG armor), that could be a step in the right direction.

Classes help diversify PvE from PvP in my opinion so I would say keep cards… or just make classes that much different from each other to begin with (i.e. snipers get bonuses to precision weapons and critical hits).


I got an idea to address this, it’s called BEAST MODE. :slight_smile: Maybe in Gears 6?

Well, while I’d rather be able to use all my skins in all modes myself, in the absence of that, I would consider this an excellent compromise.

I might not be able to play as my skins myself, but if I can equip them on my enemies, it at least gives me an actual reason to unlock them.

It would increase my enjoyment overall, and while it still wouldn’t be exactly what I wanted, I’d be grateful for anything at this point.


Or just have blue led for swarm skin like in the new game plus mutator in the campaign :wink:

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that’s to difficult for people to see sadly all the indicators that they are on your team an people will sadly get confused

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Nah, it’s fine. Peeps have a blue outline from far away, and close up it will be obvious, in much the same way as it is for DeeBees on the CoG team.

Little to no confusion, and any confusion it does cause will be a complete and utter non-issue.