Icy precision card


There is a glitch that allows fahz’s barriers to freeze the drones by holding a longshot during a active reload. I have tried it and didn’t work…
It also difficult to freeze a boss no matter what weapon I have. My card is at level 2 and even by firing 3 bullets with the embar or all the bullets with the Markza, the bosses are never frozen :confused:

thank you in advance for your help :slight_smile:

Most likely seeing as TC doesn’t seem to test out their updates

I’ve got the card to level 2 and even on intermediate (health modifier on) a snatcher just went a slight blue colour but didn’t freeze and fired it’s quill at me. This was after 7-8 active shots with the markza, with the level 4 critical hit card.

I’ve been trying to get an answer on another thread about fahz but as usual, people have claimed fahz is viable and useful but not explained how.

He is even weaker now than before the update - his legendary card used to stack with the other damage cards and give over 100% extra damage on precision weapons.

As OP has said, could an expert clearly explain how to make fahz useful as a sniper, rather than a trishot filler?

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It broke recently, a few days ago. It used to work when Op 3 released. But after Tuesday update (I think), it no longer works at all. Has to be fixed. This is according to what others mentioned.

There was a Level 14 Fahz playing in a master on Canals and got 3 million damage on wave 45. He didn’t use a Tri-Shot.

He was useful in taking out the Scions before they got close, and helped take out drones that were in cover. That guy used the explosive headshot card and to be fair, it did a lot of AOE damage. Helped me out as a Kait quite a bit. His X-ray was used a lot during the bastion waves as well, which made those less annoying, given we didn’t have a JD.

He used Ambush, Critical parade, modified longshot, explosive critical hit and exploit weakness. I don’t know what level these are at, but given the guy was a level 14 Fahz, its fair to say it wont be level 5 for all of them.


Thanks, ill give it a try. I’ve had it where I’ve managed to deal 100,000+ damage in wave without really knowing how so I know it can be done. It’s annoying not being able to consistently replicate it.

Bear in mind that his X Ray ultimate allows you to increase the damage done by shooting through walls. I’m not sure precisely how it’s calculated, but there’s a theory thay the more layers of wall/floor/ceiling you shoot through the more damage you do. I’ve killed Snatchers and Wardens in 2 shots before (technically 3 on a Warden as the first knocks his helmet off).

I use Fahz a reasonable amount and he can be very good.

Also his Exploit Weakness card increases the effectiveness of the Cryo Cannon which is great for Guardians and Sentinels.

Plus Operation 3 has buffed the Longshot generally so the base damage is higher, and the cooldown time inbetween active reloads has been reduced quite a bit. It’s all about active reloads.

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  1. The Icy Precision card is not working. At all. It was OP as hell to the point where you could instantly freeze any enemy with one active reload trigger pull of a Hammerburst or Claw. TC stealth patched it but ended up completely breaking the card in the process. Now it does nothing at all.

  2. Fahz is VERY good on Master, in fact he’s my main now, but he’s extremely map dependant. Forge, Reclaimed, Bunker, Asylum, and Harbor are his strongest maps, for me at least. My setup is similar to the guy who posted above me. Ambush, Critical Parade, Modified Longshot, Explosive Critical Hit and Exploit Weakness, all either 4 or 5. On top of this, TC buffed the damage of the Longshot and the Embar, and they made perks cheaper to upgrade.


I managed to do 50 waves on master, with the setup people have suggested: ambush, exploit weakness, critical damage, critical parade and modified longshot.

Overall it went much better than I expected. 6 million damage overall, dealing more damage than Kait and not too far behind JD. Explosive headshot come in handy a few times but is still underwhelming - it needs to deal more damage and have a slightly bigger blast radius.

Once icy precision works as intended, this will probably replace critical parade.

what level are your cards?

I want to put time into my fahz but at the same time people always kick faz when in Master horde games. So conflicted

Fahz is great, I’ve been using him Pre- OP 3 and sometimes after OP3 also, with same cards as that guy, my Fahz is Level 17 , I’m sure my cards are higher than his.

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I’d strongly suggest getting a group of friends together and playing Inconceivable and leave out the Enemy Health mutator. This will allow low and mid-level Fahz’s to consistently headshot enemies; and to take part in a full 1-50 game on a high difficulty so you can level him up and get better cards.

I wouldn’t rely on public lobbies at all. As you say, some hosts will kick Fahz because your average Horde player just understands the current meta of relying on JD-Kait-JACK-Del/Baird-Lizzie. They don’t understand the full potential of other characters.

Fahz takes some skill to use effectively and pull off accurate headshots. But it’s also important to find the right combination of cards and know some of the less obvious tricks which are not advertised in the game that well.

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I was able to persuade the group I play gears with to give fahz a try. They are the usual “no fahz” types that got scared to death when I suggested playing as Lizzie :joy:

Anyway, the cards are: Ambush 5, exploit weakness 4, modified longshot 4, explosive critical hit 4, critical parade 2.

Make no doubt about it, you need to be a good shot and always hit an active reload. He is not a sit back and spam character. The best strategy is to pick off all the drones etc and use x-ray to one shot the sentinels and guardians (even with shield up), although it needs to be a direct hit right in its face which can be difficult when it’s moving. Leave the scions and bosses to JD and Kait. Scions still take 4 active longshot hits to kill and can regen if you miss an active reload, so it’s not worth it. Kill those annoying claw drones and snipers with one shot and move on. Also, get his feedback boost perk as high as you can as quickly as possible - I found I had x-ray to use every round because of the damage I was dealing. Lastly, I did not use a tri shot once, out of principle, even though the engineer and Jack was insistent on me having a locker full of them…

One of the players was pleased to see the damage that can be done but the Kait was disgruntled because I got more kills and did more damage :unamused:.

I must admit I was pleasantly surprised with the damage Fahz was dealing. He does take some skill to use, and probably depends a bit on your ping as well. Will definitely recommend him more. And use him more myself.

You may already know this, but seeing as you mentioned the importance lf active reloads for Fahz, the Longshot Handling card gives you up to 80% chance of a magic reload on a critical hit kill (where the bullet just appears in your chamber without the reload animation). The key thing is, the reload, when it occurs is always an active one (even if your last reload was not) so it’s great for chaining fast consecutive active headshots. I personally always use this.

This is nice to know. The main reason I don’t use Longshot Handling is because it throws off my expectations whether I get an instant reload or I have to reload manually and in time for perfect active. It throws off too much, even in X-Ray

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I used to use it all the time but not sure what to leave out, especially if the icy precision works as intended. I considered ambush but this makes the difference between one shotting drones on master on the higher waves, from my testing anyway. Other consideration is explosive but it’s too much fun…

We should be allowed 6-7 cards or even let us use all the cards…

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I always thought that we should have a Skill Tokens system where we can manually select what level we want a card to be within our achieved ranged, and we can allocate tokens to as many skills as we want (albeit at lower levels within our limit of points/tokens/levels).

Example - if we take each level to be worth 1 token, then the maximum is 25 tokens (five level 5 cards). We could hypothetpically choose to set up JD (as an example) as:

Level 5 Razor Hail
Level 5 Custom Boomshot
Level 5 Launcher Capacity
Level 4 Officer’s Perogative
Level 3 Custom Lancer GL
Level 3 Spotter Support

The levels/tokens all add up to a total of 25 levels.

This would have worked well in GOW4 as the leveling up increments for skills was more consistent. In GOW5 because the high end increases from say level 3 to 5 is so small (usually 1-2 % per level up) it just wouldn’t work as players will choose to just have level 3 cards and use more skills instead of using maxed level 5 cards.

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I would like to try having all skills available to end the frustration of choosing which cards. And it would encourage more dilemmas and deal breakers, having to downgrade cards to Level 4. Like could get away with six Level 4 cards for 24 points used. But Level 5 effects are the best though. Or even eight Level 3 cards.

Gears 2 and 3, no special powers. No one restricted or has to choose what cards. Then Gears 4 and 5 comes and it’s like, choose 5 cards out of this deck of 16-20 cards. There are some builds which would be even better with another Level 5-6 card or two. So that’s why I’d prefer every card accessible. And it would be nice to see much high potential, or they might get overpowered? If so, they can just add another difficulty…