Icebound Horde Tips

Me and My bro in law have been on a roll lately in Horde, completing advanced and then elite in a row. I have a level 16 Del and he has a level 10 Lahni (as a guest profile!) so we are very prepared to take on the horde at the insane level. We also are determined to do it on Icebound. So I ask my fellow members of the COG what strategies work on that map? Where do we set up?

Also we are only about that 50 wave horde and you can find us in the custom lobby as “All 50 LFG” when we are on. We always appreciate the Gears that drop in to help us in the fight! Anticipating a Tuesday night (8/11) Insane level Horde on Icebound.

Once last note to any Gear that has helped us on the last 2 efforts, Thank you for your help!

Just a note: It is a very rare thing that the water is also ice. Only happened with me once.

I usually set up in one of the buildings. I put up a barrier on the walk way upstairs and then the rest of the area. Up tops perfect for a sniper to take out enemies with and downstairs is usually filled by sentries if anything actually gets too close. Main issue is bosses though.


usually best to set up in one of the 2 towers (the ones where the enforcer spawns)

you want to build a barrier up to and put it on the catwalk, you then want to upgrade it to level 3 and place it right beside that section of cover they mantle over.

you can use fabricator to block the stairs leading up to the tower, much easier for early waves but its important to note that if everyone stays upstairs far too easy to get wiped by explosives, so you want like 2 people upstairs and 3 defending downstairs.


Hi and nice job.

I like the room where the fab is when you load in. I move it back in the room almost even ewith the to cover boxes on each side and then mantle over at end of the waves. I then lay level 2 fences verticalfrom entrac to the fab maybe with 2 horzontal just out side the room. them 2 sentries just on the other side of cover cause del can feed them while in cover. only boss i seen make it in is the Fin Matriarch…plus sentienals and gaurdianes are held at entry with sentries…

what time are you on? what time zone?

It can be done using the usual Horde strategy - taking Fab back to spawn, but its not that easy like this (thats how I mastered it though after many fails). One advantage of this is you can shoot out the ice as they advance down the middle lane. You can also (if inclined) complete just wave 50 by leaving the Fab where it starts and staying close to it (Jack helps with thsi strategy) - on Insane that should be trivial.

I always put the fabricator either in the back of a tower near the stairs or use it to block the pathway towards where the drop shot is in MP.

As a barrier use something like a sentry and put it against the guard rail on the catwalk side of the OTHER tower. It’s finnicky to pull off, but can be done. You’ll see enemies trying to jump over a couple of times, but won’t be able to, before they double back around below. It’s easy to pick them off with a sniper that way and they can’t come anywhere near you from the top. It’s ideal for Jack, so he can hide behind the pillar and not face fire from the other side while healing.

Then build level 1 and 2 fences everywhere you can in and around the building, to stall enemies. This works well with a properly coordinating team though, not degenerates that don’t get the taps operational at the end of the wave and kill everything so you don’t have time to build.

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I usually put the fabricator at spawn and then have Jack put barriers in the water in the middle and then “sideway” barriers on the flanks. While having the camp in the house might shield you from the bigger bosses they can take you all out instantly since the camp is so small and everyone is staying so close together.

The buildings also don’t stop a Matriarch and are just a death trap for when a Swarmak shows up even if it can’t go in there itself. @Thee_Bluejay says the buildings are the “best” spot but I’ve failed Icebound on those spots more often than I have playing in the spawns.

And I don’t like the buildings because you get shot from even more angles than usual.

Yeah, exactly my point, the building becomes a trap. Actually had a shot at Icebound with Thee_Bluejay the other day. We had the fabricator in the house but died at wave 25 when sentinels blew us all up. Not having an engineer can have contributed a bit as well.

not having Engineer cost us a lot methinks, made defending bottom much harder. Didn’t help that everybody just kept gathering up at top which of course just meant everyone could die easily.

For the record I’ve mastered Icebound about 3 or 4 times, I’ve tried other areas to defend but they are always much much more difficult imo, spawn is absurdly hard to defend so if you can do it then kudos.

Always up for another try if you are interested, in order for it to work you need to have 2 good damage dealers up top raining down hell on enemies (making it much easier for folks down bottom) and you need probably 1 good damage dealer downstairs to defend (it wasn’t our job to beat Sentinels/Guardians, btw)

I’m aware you guys had like horrible ping so it probably impaired your ability a bit but regardless saw enemies getting through constantly on the bottom.

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I have always been drawn to the Engineer position. Its not the most popular but in reality you cannot win without one at higher levels. Plus I have the perk where I get stim for repairing things so I literally can die haha actually ended up playing last night I don’t think I saw red on my screen once. (Only had about 1.5 hours so did intermediate)

We’ve also done it multiple times on master, both in the building and at spawn. Our ping should be due to us joining you from Europe.
We indeed had a hard time me and my girlfriend, playing as Kait when usually being Jack. We were constantly out of ammo and enemies coming from left, straight and right. We had a pretty good run though! :+1:

I’ve done it once in the spawn after one or two failed attempts there and at least two failed attempts in the buildings(often to Swarmaks). Granted, we did use the “meta” combination of characters from before Op 4(as it was before then) and with a Fahz. JD and Fahz basically kept the left side covered on the starting spawn while I had my own isolated flank on the right by the building where I rarely needed help unless I had something like two Scions and 2-3 DR-1s all bunching up at the lower entrance at once.

Most times failures on that map are caused by the stupid Swarmak. I don’t see it played often any longer now.