Icebound blizzards?

I haven’t played much very often and haven’t been on the forums in months but did they increase the prevalence of whiteouts on Icebound? I played this map on Horde for the first time since Op4 and I couldn’t see anything more often than not, to the point of ruining the map.

A while ago, yeah, Might have been PvP or PvE only.

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Haven’t played Icebound in forever. Is it only in specific modes?

Long Live Guardian!

They extended the duration IIRC :thinking:

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They increased the intensity of the storm and changed its duration, though I do not recall whether they made it longer or shorter. It was for both PvE and PvP.

I don’t like vision obstructing weather effects on maps if they are made too extreme. Harbor Haze in Gears 4 is all I need to say, for those who have had to put up with that map.

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Why didn’t TC implement harbor haze in Gears 5 too? I missed that.

Probably because it turned the map in Horde into an utter ■■■■ fest.

Maybe TC could just enable weather hazards only for PvP.
For horde modes, they could just disable it for those maps.

That would be an acceptable compromise… although not all effects are bad in Horde, some like the fog on Harbor Haze definitely were.

I’d like the challenge of that but it would render sniping classes like Fahz and Paduk more difficult to play. It was hard enough in Gears 4 as Sniper and being encouraged to use Radar Ping card ability to see and spot enemies through smoke haze.

I could just imagine a Keegan player using Interrogation card here to meatshield and auto mark every enemy within 50 metres radius.

No, I said in my post above that maybe TC could specifically disable weather hazards only for Horde mode.

As like you rightly said, sniping would be incredibly tough.