Ice Scion Invisible Ice Glitch

Just wanted to make a post about this incredibly frustrating glitch with Ice Scions that has been happening to me since I’d say about mid-way through OP5. I have a few clips of the this glitch in the video but it has happened so many more times than those recordings. Basically the Ice Scion is still freezing me when they are not shooting the Cryo Cannon or I’m still being frozen even though the Ice from the Cryo Cannon is pointed in a completely different direction.

I’d also like to say that I’m not here to bash the game, I just want to report this annoying glitch in hopes that it will get fixed.

@TC_Shauny @TC_Sera Any reply or response would be appreciated.


Yep. Happened to me too. Very annoying.

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They’re evolving



Pretty sure I’ve seen Salvo Scions do the same. They’re turned to one player but they manage to fire in the complete opposite direction. Kinda ridiculous they’re allowed to do that in the first place, but less annoying than the Cryo from Ice Scions firing while they’re stunned and not firing… or you just killed one but its ice beam still fires for a split second.

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Classic TC, Please stay the hell away from Halo Infinite

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Yep all those things have happened to me too. Pretty annoying lol

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I guess where the projectile comes out starts from behind…?

Odd, I’ll pass it on!


Add Salvos to that list. They can pull off similiar stuff with 180° rockets, rockets while stunned or while punching you at the same time.

Another thing that will never get fixed.

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DR-1 with salvo also fire whilst stunned at times.

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Same for Sentinels. I get why they do that after playing Jack for a while hence why it’s never getting fixed.

Thank you for the response, sir.

Flash grenade on salvo dr1 did the same today and caused a wipe.