Ice Queen in Escape Feedback

Please make Ice Queen a permanent challenge.

It’s challenging and well desgined, I just love it.

I’m not a huge Escape fan because no one I know plays it, so I get matched with ppl quite far and I get a lot of lag.
Still it’s an ejoyable challenge, which makes the map, mode and game good for me.

I haven’t search in higher difficulties but begginer will find incredibly fast (less than a minute!) while I could search ranked multiplayer for more than an hour with no results.

Still, would love to try the map on higher difs… But it’s also harder to find matches.

You can find matches on the higher difficulties. It might just take a few minutes depending on when you try.

The only thing I absolutely hate about the hive is the absolutely ridiculous Snipers because of the freezing bullets modifier. It should never, EVER return because not only do they constantly freeze you after not aiming their shot at all and fire before their reload animation is finished, they also hit you when your character model is already behind cover completely AND you’re at an upwards angle to the enemies, and generally pull a whole lot of stupid nonsense, including the fact that being frozen, which with the dumb garbage the Snipers in that hive pull off on a regular basis happens far too often, results in instant death when hit by anything, so your teammates can hardly help you out there as well, rendering the “experience” nothing short of frustrating 90% of the time. It’s poor design at its finest. My completely honest thoughts on that modifier are not forum friendly at all so consider this a self-censored post and replace stupid and nonsense with all kinds of bad words you can come up with.

“What’s the best way to annoy players to hell while trying to complete Escape?”

“Oh, I know. Let’s throw in a modifier that makes Snipers instantly freeze a player! Because that’s so much fun when the freeze effect lasts so long they have half an eternity to reload and kill the frozen player while their aimbot practically never makes them miss, and they can hit the characters behind cover too because the hit box drags behind them even if their ping is below the 50 millisecond mark and we never bothered trying to find out if this happens while fighting bots! And teammates can barely do anything to protect the frozen person either, to annoy them even more!”

“Great idea! I’ll get right on that so our players can have even more frustration in their matches instead of making game design that is both difficult and not just completely annoying and obnoxious to work against!”

@N0DEZER0 If this is ever read, that’s what I think of this modifier. It’s only ridiculous and frustrating. It’s on Claw Drones levels of ridiculous and annoying. Doesn’t add anything beyond being a mechanism that serves to make the game more annoying. If you wanted this freezing to be more realistic at least make it so that the player who is frozen doesn’t just die when somebody touches them with a pin ■■■■■ or can go down, because freezing an entire human body completely so that it shatters when you hit it with enough force doesn’t just happen in one second or less. It would take hours, if not days. Just in case I’ll tag @TC_Octus here. He can pass the feedback on too. The Relic Dropshot Scion in the hive is a much better enemy because it is easier to avoid than an instant lock on 99% accuracy Sniper spread in numbers throughout the entire hive, but still has to be handled with caution. It is a threat that can be dealt with easily if approached properly but isn’t unnecessarily annoying and frustrating to go up against than freezing Snipers. Especially while there’s a pack of Juvies coming at you, along with a Matriarch and to get to the Snipers you need to cross an open, narrow bridge with no covers on it, if you are unable to clear them out before the Matriarch comes in and/or the venom forces you to try pushing up.


Try using LFG or the custom tab in game for higher difficulties/ better teammates