Ice Cream weapon skins

I think there should be ice cream-based weapon skins. Ice cream is universally beloved, and its existence is proof that we don’t live in the darkest possible timeline. Seeing as how it’s the quintessential summer treat, it’s the perfect time to add ice-cream based weapon skins to the game.

Common: Mint Chocolate Chip. Green mint-flavored ice cream with chocolate chips mixed in throughout.

Rare: Vanilla cone with sprinkles. A wafer cone on the back of the weapon with scoops of vanilla ice cream on the front, dotted with rainbow sprinkles.

Epic: Chocolate fudge swirl. A delicious chocolate ice cream with swirly bands of dark chocolate fudge mixed in.

Legendary: Ice cream cake. Chocolate on one end, vanilla on the other, dark chocolate cookie crumbles in between, and blue, green, and red frosting running along the top.

I foresee these being the most popular skins in the game. Most players will likely cease caring about their versus rank and horde skills entirely, in favor of attempting to gather as many ice cream skin cards as possible. It’s possible we will see threads requesting that the restriction on crafting owned weapon skins be removed, so that players can amass duplicate cards after obtaining one of every ice cream weapon skin card.



I think shaved ice skins would be better than ice cream.

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LOL I like to tell my KOTH group that I will take them out for ice cream if we win really sweaty matches. One of them will usually continue the joke by asking for sprinkles too…but that only happens if the other team doesn’t score a point. :smirk:

TLDR: I owe my KOTH friends a lot of ice cream.

Neapolitan will be the rarest :icecream: