"IBIRI" nightmare!

This is getting out of hand! Every other game i get kicked out for no reason, or the game keeps crashing because of stupid Nvidia driver issues! I get 2 or more hour bans for a problem with the game since September of last year!! This ■■■■ needs to be fixed! I can’t even rejoin the game, every time i try it’s already kicked me out or the lobby was dissolved. AND NO IT’S NOT MY SIDE THAT’S THE ISSUE!
I have all my ports forwarded and have a ping of 1ms (Thanks to my fiber optic connection) I also have no loss of packets and so on. It’s only this game it happens on!


Regarding the nvidia issue, are you attempting to re join after being kicked? I’ve not had any bans due to nvidia crashes and it may be because I always attempt to free rejoin. Even when I can’t because the match is over, I don’t get a punishment.

I do get nonsense bans before I even get into matches though. Nothing more annoying than looking for the first match of the day and the server decides to tell you that you’re suspended for 30min.

@Me0wMix_CatFood I still receive a ban after I manage to rejoin a game mid session, and before the game even starts. It use to not be such a big deal (the bans) when there wasn’t a penalty for leaving a match. It’s not like I ever left a match if i was losing the game, but it doesn’t matter because most of the PC crowd has the issue.

Terrible how inconsistent all this stuff is.
So disappointing to me that TC can’t have just ONE person who talks to us about this stuff and tries to troubleshoot and/or relay info from the team to us and vice versa. These guys are really too cheap to allot just 2 man hours per day for customer relations?? Come on…

For sure they can dude, the just don’t care, why should they, there will be enough morons to support them and will buy the next RNG lagshow

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If you have an Xbox party member and he’s the lobby leader, It tells him who has the ban and for how long, meanwhile we just get the “IBIRI” error. Its stupid, not only for the unjust ban, but I don’t know how long till i’ll get to play again.