IBIRI Error on PC

I’m getting every day the IBIRI error and I never cheated(PC Player)… My NAT Type is OPEN in the Xbox app.
Also I got the penalty (bug/glitch)? After every match I got an penalty of -52 credits…

But first I need to have a fix or solution to solve the IBIRI error… This is really driving me crazy… How can it be fixed and how can I play again?

Please help me @TC guys.

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I’ve heard it’s because you need to go to the MS store and update the game (according to others on here).

Yea I’ve read that, but there is no update in the MS Store…
Now I can play again but the question is for how long… Didn’t do anything, had the game just running so no update or something like that.

Should take certain things, certain people say with a grain of salt.

As for you. The few times I’ve gotten IBIRI was during the load screen of MM that kicked me.
No problem afterwords.
The few people that have had IBIRI for an extended time had gotten banned for cheating.

Have a thread here with some troubleshooting guides you can try;

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Just trying to be helpful. Should I have not tried to at least share what worked for others? :smile:

For who? edtk? Let’s move on please.

You shouldn’t ankle bite if you can’t handle the feedback. Esp when people are trying to be helpful and you’re always playing Jr mod. If you truly want to move on then just move on and stop trying to get in the last word. I’ll be curious to see if you can resist.


And what is this Jr Mod bs?
We finally have a nice, new forum. Am I the only one here trying to keep it nice?

Yea my NAT type is already OPEN.
Never cheated… So don’t know why im getting this ‘crap’

Check some of the links above for easier troubleshooting your issue.

Also, what GT is getting IBIRI?

This one Blauwe Panda.
I’ve tried almost everything on there.

Okay. Gotcha.

One more question. How long have you been getting IBIRI?

Yesterday I got it for about 1,5 hour. Today for like 30 minutes. I can play now but the error can appear any moment. So it’s always a few minutes/hours like there is a ban or something like that?

It’s a server error; not a ban. People usually get it when the lobby dissolves or it kicks you from the game. That’s my experience anyway.

Like API said. Not a ban, This being temporary. Annoying when it happens.

I kept receiving the same error today.

I opened up the Microsoft Store, clicked downloads and updates, got promoted to update the Xbox App and now it works again.