IBIRI error means this according to TC


(Royce Batty) #1

Will like to add, if you get IBIRI on PC, (and you haven’t cheated, please open up Xbox App, Settings, Network to see if your NAT is open.

If Moderate/Strict NAT or just IBIRI in general, please refer to this guide for troubleshooting, DMZ, Port Forwarding etc.


For NAT errors or IBIRI on Xbox One, please refer to this guide for troubleshooting your issue;

This issue can also be caused by an issue with your firewall. Please refer to this guide;

Gow 4 pc ban ibiri - free ban for many hours
IBIRI Error on PC
(API) #2

Lmao is this a joke? It has nothing to do with our network conditions.

The game kicks us or dissolves the lobby and we get IBIRI for 15 minutes afterward. Nothing about our network settings are changing. I have everything forwarded and no firewall restrictions either.

I hope they’re not actually just passing this off as “not their problem”

If it’s an issue with Microsoft’s Xbox Live, I can see that. But I hope they’re not trying to pass off the burden to the players…

(Royce Batty) #3

Should take your concern up with TC.

(Chezwickcheese) #4

It has nothing to do with Xbox Live or our network. The issue is on the server end and I don’t understand how it hasn’t been fixed yet.

(API) #5

I can see it being an issue with Xbox Live. Microsoft has horrible servers. Either way though, they better not expect me to do anything because nothing I do can fix it

(Chezwickcheese) #6

I can play CoD WW2 and MW3 perfectly fine for hours on end with no issues. In fact that’s what I’ve been doing to test the issue. Its localized to only Gears of War.

(API) #7

Fair point. I don’t play other games on Xbox, so I can’t compare. I can see some complicated technical reasoning behind why it’s not TC’s fault, but it’s definitely still their responsibility to fix it.

(Chezwickcheese) #8

Its a strange issue and completely random. An hour ago I just finished a 50 wave horde mode with no issues. Then I queue up again and failed to join 6 consecutive games with a message saying to game timed out. Could be too much strain on thr servers. I dunno