Ibiri error lost coneccion inssue hardware

helpd the ibiri error on the matchmakin frezz de gears of gar 4 en PC

Have you tried restart of your PC?

I have gotten ibiri when the server kicked me and then gave me a 30min matchmaking ban. I only figured out what it was by joining a friend’s squad and it told him on xbox about the ban. TC has failed to correct this on PC and just shows the obscure error code instead.

IBIRI is probably the worst error code ever created as it covers entirely too many topics.

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Are you serious? My group of PC players gets IBIRI all the time and we know it disappears in around 15 mins. We thought it was just a bug. I had no idea it’s a genuine suspension. I’ll test this next time it happens to see if you’re right. That’s pathetic lmao.

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Oh man… I can just picture it. :sweat_smile:
Yea, if you get it again, have someone hop on xbox and see if you can enter comp warm-up. You’ll know within 5 seconds.

Switching to PC this summer reminds me of the summer when I bought a vintage V8 Camaro. It was such a beast and I felt like I owned the road, except for the fact that nothing ever worked right. Friends would say, “Didn’t you pay a lot of money for that?”
Exact same thing going to Gears 4 on PC…

Lmao that’s a great analogy

do you even grammar bro.

I could not resist.

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g a h.

Given recent events, if you actually cheated, don’t expect to have your ban lifted, as TC always knows what you did.
Give it some time and if you still have issues with this error code, suggest you contact;
CoalitionGears on Twitter

i request help qith this inssue

I mean the freezing errors of the screen during the match in pc copngela goes out whachdog error screen and penalize me with 30000 experience for that mistake that crap, is the only game on pc that does that in any other I have that problem