I would love to see Gears of war 1 pc on the Microsoft store

I would love an easy way to play this game online with people in an easy way and this would give GOW 1 pc more life especially with multiplayer!

What do you guys think?

I think he means the original.

Well, I can’t really think of any instances where a publisher re-released the original version of a game that was remastered, so this is probably the last we’ll see. Unless they re-remaster it some day.

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I would buy the original if it was in the store.

That ■■■■ doesn’t work. The game runs at less than 60fps in SP. There’s a glitch that prevents people from gaining xp and unlocking characters. The ■■■■ cherry on top is the servers are dead.

yes i mean the og gears of war 1 :slight_smile:

I have original GoW I bought in the slim DVD box years ago. It will install on W10, but W10 doesn’t support it properly.

I’m OK with buying GoW UE if it goes half price over the holidays, but I can’t see paying $20 for a 4 yr old remaster of a 13 yr old game, when the original with a file edit I used to make textures look and load better, plus today’s DSR 4K and Nvidia’s Sharpen would probably make original GoW look pretty close to UE.

MS needs a reality check on some of their prices. You can get at any reputable CD Key site GoW 4 for less than a 4th what they’re charging for UE. After I bought GoW 4, MS sent me a email saying they’d added the GoW app to my account, knowing full well it doesn’t work on W10. :smirk:

i wont play UE pc anymore, Gow 1 is working fine for me on my win 10 machine. there is a very little discord group where all gow 1 pc players chill in. hope more folks join.

Oh I’m sure you can play it via MP, but trying to play the campaign results in problems.

I used someone’s advice for how to get GfWL to let me login and at first thought it was working fine. You can get through quite a bit of the game, and it will save, until it crashes at key points. Then next time you try to start it up it says no checkpoint found.

So far I’ve seen workarounds mentioned for Live not accepting login, and even a checkpoint renaming workaround to play offline with, but I’ve yet to see a workaround for this crash, then no checkpoint found thing.

The crazy part is, a couple days later it suddenly brought my checkpoints back, only to crash again, losing progress. The first time this happened was just after the cutscene that follows placing the resonator. This time it happened after leaving Marcus’ house.

I refuse to try the checkpoint renaming trick, because I doubt it will let you play on Insane. You can get it running, and looking great, which is definitely possible with 4K DSR, the right PP settings, and Detail Mode 5, but not all is right under the hood.

It’s a shame, because it can look pretty good really, even by today’s standards. So instead I persevered and went back and tried defeating the Ninth Sister in Jedi Fallen Order after failing miserably the first few tries then setting it aside.

It just took some observing and patience to beat her. I’ve given GoW’s campaign and it’s craptastic GfWL more than enough patience, and she still leaves me with nothing after getting my hopes up.