I would like visual cues if a player is within gib range

It just comes with with the territory in all shooters with range modifiers.

asking Call of Duty to give me a visual indicator when I’m in 1 shot range with these SMG’s is the same thing.

for one, it lowers the skill gap and even if there was an indicator the average player wouldn’t be able to utilize it anyway due to how fast things happen.

Yes and lag means that gap is never the same match to match (at least the portion visible on your screen).

But meticulous breakdown videos just make me happy because of how nerdy people can get about numbers and statistics in a “Dummy Thicc Space Marines” video game franchise :grinning:

I’m really struggling to understand why this concept is viewed as making the game easier in some way or dumbing it down. My only reason for saying I thought the feature would be good was so that It cuts way down on the bs factor of “I got screwed” . Things are so fast paced, you can’t sit there and go…okay…wait…wait wait…now shoot. Maybe then it cues when the gib shot is fired. Same time.obviously if it goes off, someone’s dead anyways. I’d really like to see different pellets on a gib. That would be simple enough.
@OxSIDExEROUS it really has nothing to do with sucking or gitting gud. It has to do with all the inconsistencies…just something that says yes or no. Obviously the gib itself is confirmation. I honestly don’t need something telling me when to shoot or not shoot. Just something that says his shot was in range. Mine wasn’t. Or vice versa.

As in all Gears versions they have GIB ranges. And only threw playing it often you will get it down. It’s not hard. Now if you have bad connection in room you will sponge, and the GIB range changes on its own.

Can T.C upgrade servers to have smoother gameplay? Yes they can. Will they do it with this player count? No.
Now even if they did install the baby bib GIB indicator then you would just add more bugs to a bug infested game.

Then the new problems will be. Hey. The indicator was on, I shot and I didn’t get the GIB. Or Hey the indicator never turned on. Or Hey the indicator was on to late I missed the GIB. You see? Terrible idea. It’s already no skill play. That would make it insanely worse!

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Why is gib written in all caps?

It’s an Acronym. Ground Into Bits

I thought it meant gib…like giblets…as in the internal organs of a bird. But the acronym is better.

You’re not wrong, if you google Gib it does bring up the description you just mentioned. If you Google “What does GIB mean Gears of War” the first thing that pops up says:

Ground Into Bits

GIB is an acronym created by Epic back when Gears 1 first came out that stood for “Ground Into Bits”. It’s a term used for when the character’s body seems to blow up into little pieces resulting in an instant kill. The term is normally used when a player gets a critical hit on an opponent with the shot gun.

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@UNLETHAL. @Nineteenth_Hour Thanks for the “Ground Into Bits” acronym. I too thought it was short for giblets. Pieces…

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No thanks. One of the things that always made duels interesting (and frankly, raised the skill gap) is playing your distance right and evaluating when to fire your shotgun. Adding a visual indicator for gib range would take away from the depth that the Gnasher fights have and it’d make the game that much less interesting. And TC have recently made efforts to add more depth to Gnasher fights with the updates.

No matter how you slice it, if the game basically held your hand in close range fights by telling you when to shoot it’d make the game easier. The outcome of a fight is often determined by who knows and recognizes the correct distance.

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Wont matter. If javier’s connection to the server has a RTT of 200ms , your client will use the last packet sent to predict he’s in gib range and show the visual effect, but he still really wont be in gib range.

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@theevilmoo yeah…the more I think about it, most of everything that is questionable is related to a laggy ■■■ player anyways. So I guess no matter what, nothing will be accurate if lag is involved. Meaning, . By the time I get the visual cue, he won’t be there anymore.
Regardless of a “cue” I still think it would be cool if the pellets were flames or something when a death by gib is registered. It would make blowing someone to bits all the cooler. Toodles.

Agreed. There will always be a “go-no go” point for the gib range so no matter what we do , lengthen or shorten, there will always be a bit of ambiguity

Its not hard to gage the range and more than likely if you are having trouble you’re getting baited into gib range. the increase of strafe speed makes it easy to get in and out of range when holding shots

Yup, this is what people have never understood.

It may look like it is the same range.

“I hit him from the same distance and I 85 him and he chunks me!?”


“He ate my shot!”


Fine line. Oh, such a fine line.

Also, this is why my most common complaint isn’t, “he ate my shot” or anything like that.

I always say, “Ah, he wasn’t hurt.”

Why? If the opponent is hurt, you will one shot down them or gib them. If they aren’t hurt, you will 85 percent them.

I always try to play for damage for myself and for my teammates. I love helping my teammates with a bit of cross, even just a couple of bullets make the difference, so their shots have a safety net and won’t give them 85 percent.

This was the case with the 83 percent in gears 4. Same deal.

Never broken. Never inconsistent. 100% repeatable in a private match.

Now, how many people can or will understand this?



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I think those that have played TC’s gears sufficiently know this, but the primary issue is on your screen he / she / they / them / theirs / optimus prime is actually in gib range, but due to latency their server position is not.

@Civilize_85ers after watching Dutchonidas video, I now understand how fine that line is.

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Agreed. The game has inconsistencies and I believe it’s mainly due to the servers. I honestly don’t think this system would even work if they implemented it.