I would like visual cues if a player is within gib range

After watching this video on yt from Dutchonidas:

It really showcased for me just how tiny the difference is in being within range of getfing the gib, or just being outside of range…Visual perception wise. In each instances of being in range or out of range, both appear to be very very close to the opponent. It is visually indiscernible. That got me thinking. Would a visual cue be a good idea if you step into range of gibbing someone. It would really help me stop a lot of the…“that is total bull sheet stuff”. Something like a colored marker pop up over your gun barrel. Or have a yellow circle pop up underneath your feet and the players feet. I even like the idea of. fired gnasher pellets being small dots of flames if.you fire a gib. Just something that says yes or no…in range or out of range.


Wow, good video…

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@VettleGT it really opened my eyes on how small a difference we are talking about with a distance that is almost impossible to gauge visually.

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I don’t know what to do…, when you add lag\comp it’s impossible to judge anymore

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Just thinking about how this could be implemented to account for the crap netcode, high lag comp and fluctuating pings gives me a headache.

I vividly remember when Gears 5 first launched there was a thread about the lack of a skill gap, this would only further fuel that discussion. I personally don’t want it because it feels too disjointed from the traditional Gears multiplayer.

The gib range even in Gears 4 was quite deceptive, I usually just curse a little and move on with the game when I think I get cheated :man_shrugging:

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Yea I agree. Judging the gib range is difficult but to me that’s part of gears and it always has been. If you remove that by having the game tell you when you are in the gib range or not, it changes the Meta too much. Gears was built on this foundation i think a change like this would change what the game truly is. Although… it’s kinda already changed from what I feel a true gears game feels like


Seems there’s only one way to ‘correct’ this ‘issue’ unless someone else pitches a better idea, and that would be to decrease the gib range and have it where you’re only rewarded a one-hit-kill when you’re more or less touching the enemy. The further / longer the reach of the weapon, the harder it is to judge.

You’re much more positive you’re within 5 inches of something vs exactly 48 feet away (Dramatization, but you get me). I don’t know if anybody plays Halo in here, but the shotty in Halo Reach / Halo 3 seems quite predictable all because the range is non existent.

You’d still have people uploading B****S**t clips though. “I was touching him and he still didn’t die!” type scenarios… So idk… Both systems would have their moments.


I did make a jokish thread about stopping power on the gnasher if you’ve put them over 80%dmg but maybe the concept was not such a joke.

Maybe just a flinch tho, something to stop ppl from being able to quickly spin n shoot after being almost gib’d, forcing movement play instead, no limit on movement

So someone gets the drop on you, you’re almost dead cuz they shot 0.06mm to early but you get hit with a flinch, disabling you from shooting until just after they can shoot again, meaning if ya jus sit there they can get 2shots on you before so you’ll have to move, creating a shotty movement battle instead of a rage quit

It’s gets complicated when 6ppl are having a battle tho I know

I do also agree with an almost non existent gib range an 2shot downs across the board tho

Don’t think the feature is really necessary. You can get used to the the range with enough time and experience without all that.

The easiest way to get use to the gib range is to have a decent hip fire first and foremost. Then you could look at adding pop shotting into your repertoire.

Maybe you could learn the ranges from a hard aim, (i’m not going to say that’s impossible) but the zoom effect is just going to mess with your depth perception.

It’s just easier to determine how close/far you are from someone when more of your character/surroundings are visible.

Also, how much time in a shotgun fight would you really have to pay attention to that type of thing? People moving/strafing every so slightly will constantly change what’s presented to you. Doesn’t really seem that useful.


Indeed. You can’t expect that to work in a fast paced game. People would see the indicator and then shoot too late or miss shots and blame the indicator as being broken.

Maybe in the future, when more people are on fiber and the devs come up with better netcode for the game, there will be less BS. But, technological limitations coupled with players with players from all over playing together mean people are not seeing the same info at the same time in a fast paced game like this. The best we can ask for right now is matching people of similar connection and continual refinement of the netcode.


A visual indicator for the gib? Now that’s just ridiculous. Laziness! Seriously. How easy do you want the game to be?!

You might as well have this pop up when you’re in gibbing range:




I don’t know why we don’t have the option to turn on stricter ping option for matchmaking or turn it off if we don’t care if boggles my mind

People already adapted the Halo shotgun playstyle when the game launched of shoot to melee, they just didn’t know it.

You’re right though, it doesn’t matter what TC does as people will always find something to claim BS on.

Visual cues?? Haha. You can have it in the player matches if you want. Leave rank alone! If you suck well that’s too bad!

I would toggle that feature on for the funnies lol

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Hard no. The game is already dumbed down as it is.


I’m down with reducing Gib range. I would also lower the poke damage back to 200 or maybe 160 ish. I’m not ok with the flinch situation tho. I just image ppl rushing in hoping you misjudged the gib range, which we already said can be ambiguous, take that extra step after you miss and brick-flinch-kill. We would be back where we were before only now it would be almost an instakill for the aggressor. I think that would get super annoying. At least now if someone does rush in and tries to force you to shoot out of gib range, even after they “sponge” and get in your face, they have the chance of missing too which puts them back at a disadvantage.

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The irony would be that the picture is so big it blocks your screen and you lose the shotty battle anyway


there’s always been a thin line where a Gnasher shot either gibs or not. This shouldn’t come as some revelation to many on this forum.

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It’s not new but the video is cool nonetheless