I would like to share a personal accomplishment

Good Job Clown keep up the work dude

I’m trying to get myself into a diet and routine as well as I currently weigh 112 pounds compared to my 90 pounds of last year so reading this kinda gives me a hope i can genuinely get into a healthy balance

Good Work now you can be a healthy circus act

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Yeah I ended up purchasing a few bits but can never fully replicate a gym unless you’re rich :rofl: and even then I love the general gym atmosphere

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He’s stronk

20lbs in one year is a massive gain. Keep it up homie

@WHEL4N yeah I know what you mean. I was able to get some adjustable dumbbells and a bench with a squat rack at a pretty decent price. But I do miss the gym like crazy lol.

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Hello @TC_Clown.

I was underweight according to my BMI before the covid lockdown.

Now, after one year since the covid lockdown, I managed to gain 11 kg ( ~24 lbs ).

I started going to gym regularly after the cases decreased. But now there is a second wave of covid and I am forced to stay away from the gym.

I had to build a small home gym (dumbbells and S-bar, nothing too fancy) and and I am working out in home.

After reading this thread its nice to know other Gear heads have been working out and gaining weight!

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Lol bro I face the same problem too!

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Sounds much like me except people are surprised about how much strength I can muster despite my appearance. I also don’t seem to really gain any weight even when I’m not doing many physical activities. But hey, y’know, long as you’re happy with your body…

Not sure if I’d call it a problem, though. Sure hasn’t killed anyone yet.

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The slow part is what really kills you,but it gets you them gains fast

Remember though,there are three main factors in this:Sleep,Diet,and Workout.The sleep and diet matter more than the workout.So make sure you put extra care into those two.Obviously it may not be easy but nothing is ever really easy(And when doing your workout, please pay close attention to your form,I know and have seen plenty of people destroy themselves cause they had bad form).Anyway,GOOD LUCK!:+1:

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Agreed I get impatient lol but it’s all for the best.

I’ve been taking my dog through long walks through the woods more recently. He really enjoys it and it gives me some exercise (even if it is light.) Tougher in some parts of the year but right now, the weather is perfect and the days are long enough for it.

I have taken him pretty far (5ish miles in one direction) and he is usually really tired by the time we turn back. We have seen bears but they leave us alone as long as we give them space. I have had to carry him a few times but he is only 40 pounds so he isn’t too heavy. I make sure to have a bunch of water (4 gallons, using a backpack to carry the bottles) a small water bowl for the dog and of course my phone and a hand powered charger just in case. When summer rolls around, I can take him further.