I would like to increase the number of re - up (70-90) , is it possible?

is it possible to increase the number of re -up ? in gears 5 career .

No it isn’t. The max level is re-up 60 lvl 100.

The Coalition , those who do this could add character looks and weapon skins from previous seasons to the store for new players . An example is the appearance of the cosmonaut character , it is not possible to buy or get now , unfortunately .

The General rewards are not available because it was a limited time event. Meaning you had to be there in order to get them when they were out at the time. As for other stuff such as the Disco emote, I don’t see this happening ever considering TC announced their last essentials drop months ago so we will more than likely won’t ever be getting stuff from previous seasons. The only stuff that can be earned at this point are the Heroic Obsidian skins in PVP, cards for PVE classes, and all the skins in the store. I think every single character skin that was in OP1-OP8 was put in the store iirc.

Thanks for the answer , it 's sad for us new players .

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It’s poor design making from bad leadership. Time restricted content needs to ■■■■ of gaming.

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I would like for them to add more Re-Ups. Even if the rewards were trash, it would atleast give some players incentive to come back to this game regularly as there would be something to go for.

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