I would like all Chrome Steel and heroic variants to be created for every character and made available permanently in the store

Self explanatory. I would like every characters chrome steel and heroic variant to be in the store permanently. Especially if the CS is for esports money. Maybe someone missed it or didnt have the scratch to buy it when it was available. I mean give everyone the opportunity to buy and use these variants for as long as possible b4 Gears 6 rolls out. Id love a CS Anya or Cole. Even Lizzie. It’d also be cool if they would let the community vote on which CS to drop next if they wont add the rest of them at one time.

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Waiting for the dripfeed. Don’t have the pic saved on my phone from when certain leaks occurred that were aggressively taken down by TC and never commented on, but we’re basically waiting for them to stop gatekeeping it.


@AmicableWall421 i just dont understand this 1 week fomo only thing with the Chrome Steel stuff since its supposed to be raising $ for esports. If someone was on vacation or any other reason they missed the CS variant they really wanted, why not give them the opportunity to still buy it? At least leave the already released ones in there permanently.

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I fail to see the point in what’s literally a fundraiser skin to be kept to a two week window(currently, no telling if they’ll change to one week… probably not) and then removed, either to return much later or not at all. They clearly have no issue keeping the team weapon skins around all the time.

They weren’t taken down at all. They’re still around on Reddit.

Obviously I’m speaking about the forums. Reddit isn’t under TCs control.


@AmicableWall421 exactly my point. Why leave money on the table. People are very strongly attached to specific characters in Gears.its not like like they go, “damn…i missed out on the Benjamin CS version. Benjamins my main. But hey Lahni is out so Ill just buy her instead”. They instead just dont buy anything.

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They can’t do that . Sounds to hard for them to do it lol

You could still purchase them in the MS Store on your phone If you cared that much.

Doesn’t excuse the dripfeed, that’s ■■■■■■■■. Just saying.

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Tc should just have skins that u can apply to any character. Simple.