I would give anything to never have to play checkout or blood drive ever again

I can’t be the only one who is absolutely sick of these maps can I? Absolute classics for sure but JFC I’m so over them.


I’ve played checkout like 6 times today. KOTH matches. 20+ minute matches.

I love Checkout but man I’m so sick of playing it.

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Same bro same. I have a very busy career and two small children, I get time for maybe one game a night, two if I’m lucky. And every match is those two maps. It’s one thing if people vote for them every time they come up but they come up with regular frequency, but one of them
Is up for EVERY friggin vote. How is that possible?!

Anything eh? Would you give me your copy of g5?


I’m in my second game of the night. Koth on checkout. First game was koth on checkout. That’s how I ended last night too. It was immediately preceded by KoTh on foundation.

Pretty sure it’s required that every other horde lobby be Blood Drive

They should force one less popular map into every lobby. I feel like people might choose it occasionally because they are sick of playing the same 3 maps all the time.


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That’s what I thought :rofl::rofl:

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I would. I’d be doing a favor to the rest of the community by getting rid of those maps and my presence :joy::joy::joy:


Unless they don’t own it and have Gamepass.

In that case, I’ll take the console/PC itself, tyvm!

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ha, it’s a digital copy so too bad so sad. You could have my left foot or my first born or any other piece of hyperbole you want, but I’m not sure how to share my digital Gears with you!

Give me your freedom of feeling satisfaction and it shall be done, but know that if you do, ALL maps will feel the same to you and you will never feel satisfaction in anything ever again.

Are you willing to sacrifice your enjoyment for other people to enjoy the game on maps or will you continue to feel the same disgust we all feel???

@DeanOMiite im at the point where I would prefer every map to be in rotation and let computer RNG decide. No more voting. Blood Drive, Checkout, foundation. Great maps. Just dont wanna play them every time. And lately, my rotation always has at least one of them and they always get voted on. I really enjoy Vasgar, Exhibit, Asylum, hell I honestly have gotten to where i like all the 5:maps. Even pahanu is a fun change of pace. And the rare time it pops up in rotation it never gets voted on

If you pay my rent I can bring a stack of players to vote against these maps.

There are ways I’ve heard :rofl::rofl:

Would you rather keep things as they are


Would you rather have to play Pahanu everytime it normally would have been blood drive or checkout?


Even Pahanu > Blood Drive… so easy choice lol

I’m with the original poster tho, tho more so on Checkout, like I don’t mind that map in general, it just gets old it gets voted so much, that was an issue on 4 too.

Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t say just checkout because I like Blood Drive, I meant I’m only getting tired of Checkout… getting tired of Blood Drive would imply me ever liking it to begin with… and since the 1st time I’ve played it on 4… I have not.

But right now I’d vote whatever map I had to to not take 7 hours (and still counting) to fix a server issue.

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