I wish the active reload still worked

Hi, I just want to know why there’s not an active reload
bonus anymore for the base weapons. I think it’s dumb to have the feature and not use it. I mean idk if was in GOW4 because I didn’t get to play it. But I played 1-3 and it was present then. Did all the complaining get the feature removed? Like I don’t understand, am I the only one that misses the active reload bonus on base weapons.

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It was in 4, I honestly didn’t get to read any posts for when they took it out.

It was in 5 at launch and was taken out not too long after if memory serves. Pretty sure the balance tuning was just so busted with active lancers but I can’t remember the exact reason

No. Keep it like that, an active lancer while moving this slow in pvp is an egregious idea.

In horde it’s fine, pvp, no.


I’d prefer it in versus, it looks like 3 out of 4 people prefer active reload bonus enabled during versus.

Nope. Game is already broke as is with the increased gib range and weird shotgun. Now you want actives back giving guns more damage? Lol. Everyone on aim assist would be even more godly.


Your math is weird.

I miss the active reload. Even complained a dozen times it was removed. Created an identity for the game…but over time I learned that the “identity” wasn’t worth the frustration of the mechanic. I think in the end removing it was the right move. Hard for me to say. But TC made a good move here. That advantage is cheesy, and cheap. Although everything about it FELT good.

Tuning and movement update on the other hand. Totally different story. I also have to mention, I barely play this game anymore because of it.

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No, Jesus.

The game is broken enough without gun damage being EVEN MORE inconsistent

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You aren’t the only one. There’s a lot I wish Gears of War would go back to, and having active reload is one of them I want back. It’s a stable of the franchise.

Hasn’t it always been like that though? Regarding the inconsistency with the shots from the gnasher?

I like it the way it is.

One of the best changes.

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They destroyed the active when they allowed a reload with a full clip in gears 4.

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Agreed the active is just another RNG component to the game that unnecessarily complicates what is already too often an unlevel playing field. I used to use it all the time and strategize my fights around it, but it’s better to leave it out IMO.

I think the reason it still appears to be a feature is that it would cost more resources than they care to spend to change the UI. It’s more simple to just leave the active bar there.

It’s also useful for PVE.
I’d prefer they change it back to the normal active reload for PVE, not this the active bar is in the beginning to discourage PVP players from using it.

A brief recap:

Gears 4 added the ability to active reload your entire clip without shooting it first, making active shots much, much more common and less predictable from the enemy team.

Gears 5, in an effort to limit the effectiveness of active shotguns, nerfed the Gnasher to six shots, with its active bonus being a full reload, and a regular reload only loading three shots. IIRC, the Lancer’s only bonus was a higher rate of fire, no damage.

People complained that the new Gnasher was really, really, really dumb, so some time in OP2 or OP3, they reverted the Gnasher back to 8 shots and full reloads, but also removed active bonuses from the Gnasher and Lancer entirely. This was their fix.

While it’s preferable to vanilla Gears 5, the issue wouldn’t even need fixing had Gears 4 not introduced the concept of anytime full-clip actives in the first place. It’s a solution to a problem that TC themselves created.

IMO, Gears 6 should simply go back to a Gears 1-3 active system of only providing actives on shots you’ve already shot.

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It just causes perceived imbalance IMO…never liked the idea of bullets doing more damage for a reload…faster reload or full ammo for gnasher or boltok or single ammo load weapons makes sense as a bonus…

bonus damage…in PVP…does IMO.

Just cause they sucked at balancing it

Did you not enjoy gears 1 through 3?