I wish PvE would get the same amount of rewards as PvP

I’m mostly a PvE guy, I know my way around PvP but I don’t bother with it as much because destroy stuff or get very angry whenever I play it. With OP 5, we have been getting rewards for Daily Hordes and Hives. But even on inconcivable, the rewards aren’t enough. TC should throw in a Master Reward for the people willing to go the extra mile. I have no disrespect to the PvP guys but we work our butts off as well, pretty much every day. All I’m asking is that The rewards should be greater for PvE or at least close enough to PvP.

P.S if Any PvP guy tells me to Screw off, then whatever. We work as hard as you guys.


Op 5 is when they started to do this, give them some time, I only play coop, vs AI, escape, and horde as the usual for each day.

I have no time to be mad or get upset with PVP since I have so many other options.

Special events is when I play PVP and that is rare.

What kinda rewards are you referring to?

In PvP all I get is mediocre exp that doesn’t even compare to a PvE player…:disappointed:

My guess

  • Banners
  • Rank Mark
  • Weapon Skins
  • Credits
  • EXP

Am I missing anything? I’m not going to tell you to “screw off” but I will tell you that there is difference in difficulty between both of the modes. I Guess what I’m trying to say is they’re both difficult in their own way, but in most games PvP is always rewarded higher.

When you beat someone in Verses you not only strip them of their time but their rank aswell. It’s a system where only one side wins. The worst dermit in PvE being loss of time, no progress.
this is just my opinion, by no means is this fact…

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I hardly get any exp that’s why.

Maybe like 1/15th of a bar for beating stacks solo & such.

I think PvE is overly generous on the exp.

I played iron man & killed a few swarms & got double what I’d get playing high level players for over 30 minutes.

But you get banners in PvE & skins too , no? Like heroic & character banners for reaching max level

oh what? I didn’t know you got PvE banners.
That leaves Rank Marks and Credits I guess
because you like stated, the PvP EXP is garbage. Is that what you desire OP? Marks of your class icons and some credits? I’d be cool with that honestly.

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PvP player here that just started PvE this operation and i do agree with you.

We pvp get skins, banners, marks and a good amount of coins every season that arent that hard to get. And lets not forget the fact that we can use locust/swarm skins.

Daily hives and horde are a good start for pve, but some rewards are a joke that dont even deserve the chance (300 coins on incon, im looking at you). TC should increase this, at least 1000 coins for a master or incon rewards at least two times per week.

We get the venom skins for maxing classes now, a good reward for pve if you ask me, but considering how grindy and time consuming it is to max a class without boost,… I consider PvP has better rewards,

I could make it to masters rank in every game mode and claim all the possible rewrads before I could even max 2 classes and get two weapon skins.


I think the thread title should be reversed.

“I wish PvP would get the same amount of rewards as PvE”


That’s why master skins are meaningless & PvE skins hold a lot of weight in my opinion.

Stupid question, but what do you mean by “credits”?

Coins. Probably.

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Ohhhh gotcha; thanks.

I wish PvE got the same amount of coins that the PvP rewards dish out for the different ranks/tiers. Imagine getting rewarded over a collective 10k of coins for doing some Master runs? All we get for our time is the Daily Map’s chump change rewards,
“Oh boy, 300 coins? Golly Gee thanks TC!”


Honestly get most of the coins just doing the tour of duty & then becoming legend on double xp

Think I racked up 200,000+ last season just on the tour, wasn’t even that high of a legend. Think I was like legend 65 or around there, probably 95 now that I think of it. it’s like 7 stars for 750 coins I think after legends.

Think the tour itself had like 45,000-50,000 coins not including legends & the additional tour medals challenges which was like a total of maybe 30,000-50,000 , can’t remember. So far this season has 34,000 coins but they also added skins so probably last season over 50,000.

You can hold the gold rank & still get a decent amount of coins.

I had master & didn’t get my coins until the very end. I’m not sure if it’s a weekly thing. It does help, sure.

But I agree if that’s a problem in escape where you’re not getting more coins for harder runs that should change.

Definitely not cool to be rewarded coins on higher difficulties , just because I know how much effort a master run takes.

But as for coins just my way of trying to help on your coin journey.


I agree PvE rewards suck. Some hives you get say 4 cards and 100 coins to beat on inconceivable today are they joking. I spent at least 30 minutes to beat it as you are bound to fail at least 1-2 times very seldom i beat it my first time. They should not be giving us cards as an awards since when you play on inconceivable you get bonus cards for the run up to 6 for the day. They should be giving us minimum 1k coins per day ill be happy and xp for characters that all we want but not cards since we are given that by playing the map which award extra ones than normal.

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Correction it was actually horde not a hive which really suck sicne it is really time consuming

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