I wish a better geras

The people who asked the lancer for nerfs, who wanted to go through all the maps with only their gnasher or those who complained about the wallbounce are the ones who liked the new tunning, because for them it is already easier to kill because they only walk you, They are making the game easier for them and they are not making them improve in their own game, when I was losing with very tryhard people, I was angry because what they were doing I could not, but I tried to imitate it, that is, to improve, not to get stuck. And that is what Gears did throughout the years to improve in motion, wallbounce from Gears 2 and the impossible shots as the community tells them were discovered and left because it is Gears, all the changes at the gameplay level have been For those who want to continue living in past gears and do not want to evolve with the game, if they like a previous gears, go to that one to play, do not change a new gears. I only ask the entire studio to concentrate on making their game, not to listen to the real community, not to focus so much on the competitive one and if someone does not like something they have to get used to it and if they don’t want to get used to it, leave , because they are paying attention to people who come from old or new gears, than those of us who have followed this entire trajectory of the game together. What I do not understand because they barely made changes when in the whole year they had not made such a big change and yes, the wallbounce was a bit exaggerated, but they would only have slowed down a little and that’s it. But I will continue playing because it is my favorite franchise, only that it is not so pleasant anymore and I speak for several that we have to get used to the game by people who did not want to get used to what we already had. A greeting.


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