I will stay on Gears 4 and won't play gears 5 because the test was too disappointing

I don’t speak english as good as I would like but I will try to explain why I’m completly disappointed by the weird gears 5. The colors of the game are aggressive and tired the eyes fast, which is embarrassing for this kind of game The HUD is really below the 4 and even the 3. When we are injured, we are blinded by red lights that prevent you from reacting well to an overpowering host that runs on you like a noob in berserk mode. Yes, you read that, here is finally the return of the host invincible, with waiter or not … No more butt with the gnasher but simplified knife costs, simplified snipe, everything is simplified and boring. Bye Gears 5, I returns on the 4.

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I agree Gears 4 was awesome. Gears 5 blows and I am going back to 4. Gears 5: ■■■■■■ when reloading weapons and if you forget to reload you are owned. The versus game play is horrible. I am glad I have Gears 4 still. The bots always run to steal weapons that we cant even load out with wtf?