I will not buy Gears of War 5 unless these Horde issues are addressed


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I play with a lot of awful players on public.

Even some wings guys who THINK they know how to play…

Junglist is a solid player.

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I have had games where as a scout got all the money killrd over 150 enemies including bosses

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That happens when you play with noobs.

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Hah thats with my usual crew noobs im pushing 250

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I play with the lockers and decoy method no speed run stuff

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Never done a speed run wont do one now

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Good for you, champ!

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Thanks bud appreciate it

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Incon is a joke

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Alright let’s keep the discussion civil and refrain from personal attacks, and name calling. If continues will close it up…

Thank you.

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I agree and disagree. Sure, if you’re a “true horde player” you don’t mind slogging it out for 2 to 3 hours. I know I like it sometimes. But my main concern is people quitting. Unfortunately, for myself (and quite a number of people here) 2 hours is too long to commit. Some people just want to scratch that horde itch for an hour before heading out to church or school or work or whatever. But since the only option to do that is to play for 20 waves and then quit, that’s just what people end up doing, which ruins the experience for those who want to get to wave 50. There needs to be an option to play for lesser amounts of time. 25 waves mode option, or an ability to jump in mid game, or something that fixes this problem that isn’t penalties cause those don’t work. If this doesn’t get fixed the only conceptual outcome is people will get tired of this crap and not play horde anymore.

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A jumping mid game option would be a nice feature to help public games but then again if i running a strong 4 man team i dont want that consecutive bounus to get destroyed

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So the logical thing to propose is ending the consecutive wave bonus being destroyed when someone jumps in the game…


Ugh! Who needs logic and reason???

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This forum doesn’t

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Interesting ideas.

  1. i disagree. horde is 50 and that’s it. if you want to go for 25, there is the option. i find myself enjoying the 25 specials better theses days cause it’s not that repetitive as you guys mentioned, but 50 waves is the real deal. if you have enough time you can commit to 50, if you have stuff to do, only play a 25. i was looking forward to this 10 waves variant but ultimately it was a huge disappointment. not counting the low level noobs who want a quick xp bump mooching of the experienced people. but yeah that’s one thing that keeps me away from horde, so what i really want for horde is a better matchmaking system, one where we can see who will we play with and i dont mean stats and stuff but at least the rank. i wait sometimes 5-10 minutes to start a game and what i get is 2 lvl 50 players who think they can cut it when we all know they cannot.

  2. no, still i disagree. we need whatever they can throw at us to keep the game challenging. if this is a way to achieving it, go ahead.

  3. yeah this one is spot on. i was trying to come up with a more fun way to play the scout but in the end all i end up with run as fast as you can and use pickup distance. i enjoy being fast but once i stand in front of a deebee he can shoot me with a blow of air and i have 2x the health. come on! i want to have cloak and i want to see the corners but the moment i equip one of those im a dead man walking. you make an excellent points with granades, im not planting those things so i can blow up one damn juvie…

  4. yes! absolutely! normal is the starting point and not incon. i’m not playing and grinding so an 8 year old kid with no idea on how to play can come and screw everything up. i had a low level sniper once who pulled a strike on lvl 11. blew my mind. and the worst is, even if you swallow the pill and keep on playing they will quit eventually - they always do. and after a while, when everybody knows how to play, then they can try harder difficulties.

  5. welll… kinda yeah, i agree. i remember and cry for the gears 3 horde. when they kept coming and every wave stronger. there’s not a great variety of enemies in gears 4 so they really need to add some new baddies. i’m hoping that those robot-swarm hybrids will bring the pain and the excitment.

    1. totally agree. we need something extra to keep us in horde mode. i upgraded some of my cards now i can do maximum damage but… now what? and a frustrating thing is that only top players now EXACTLY how and what they are supposed to play. i played with higher ranked players then myself who only knew to spam sentries and dominate the others and had no idea how to turn things around when that thing backfired and oh i have stories! like most of you guys do i imagine. if you pick a class, know how to play it. (i’m looking at you, soldiers with embars!)

these are my thoughts, i mostly agree with you, but seriously, better matchmaking, incentive to play on and grind and MORE WEAPONS! oh please bring back some old guns, the digger, the one-shot, boomshields, cleavers and do i have a list :smiley:

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What’s the problem with soldiers with Embar?

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Yea really lol

It’s usually my back up to a lancer.